Ridge Rock

The national brand for elegant retain wall systems.

The Challenge

RidgeRock is the global leader in retaining wall systems, combining elegance and functionality. Redesigning an existing website for a successful client is always challenging. Their previous site was outdated, didn’t reflect their current business initiatives, and their direct competitors had newer sites that gave them a competitive advantage. Due to the creation of new products and services, RidgeRock wanted a compete redesign focused on the products they manufacture, along with a substantial content management system for future growth.

The Solution

The goal for the new website was to build a more attractive, flexible, manageable, and productive platform. By designing and developing a new website, based on today’s best practices, we were able to achieve performance without compromising appearance in modern browsers and across multiple devices. The new site was engineering with WordPress…leaving behind an obsolete content management system. Emphasis was put on marketing performance in terms in lead generation on ROI, with tools to measure and evaluate the site’s performance.

Re-Building a Rock-Solid Strategy

RidgeRock manufactures unique, functional, strong and architecturally-alluring retaining wall systems. That same concept was selected in the redesign their website. By planning clear objectives, evaluating a competitive analysis, and determining the personas of their new target audience, we created a strategy with a solid foundation. Our content strategy was simple…a new site that stays fresh and yields better results over time.

Telling the Ridge Rock Story

RidgeRock is a success story…from it’s humble beginnings as a two man shop in Charlotte, NC to a national enterprise recognized for beauty and form. We created a visual story first by incorporating beautiful custom photography, illustrations, and background images. In creating a voice for RidgeRock, our goal was to have a tone that is self-confident, extremely simple and authentic. On every page, the copy is to the point and addresses the visitor directly. Browsing through the site is almost like engaging with an actual person. Their words become a story that helps us connect with RidgeRock, and the product.

Multi-Device Use

RidgeRock’s digital audience is 62% mobile, so responsive design was a huge consideration in the development of their new website. By designing for screen-specific dimensions, the site is now consistent from mobile to tablet to laptop to desktop screens, creating a consistent experience for the user. With this new continuous design approach, the multi-device experiences flows from one device to the next.


Since launching the new site, Ridge-Rock has seen a 6 month growth increase of 22%. Through the use of our custom marketing automation software, RidgeRock has successfully driven more leads, covered them to sales, and optimized their marketing.

6 month growth increase of 22%
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