Progressive Content Writing & Marketing Ideas

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - May 16, 2019

Content writing agency The Idea People in Charlotte writes custom content for web and distribution.Progressive content writing and content marketing companies are developing digital content that is "authentic, useful and perfectly suited for the Internet generation," says Seth Godin, former dot com exec and author. And we certainly agree with what Seth said. We have always held content writing and marketing as the equal heavyweight to web design.

The art of digital content writing and marketing has never changed. Talented writers craft content that is relative and interesting to an audience. Long before "storytelling" become a digital thing, it was called storytelling. Great content writing requires an interesting topic, offers insight, introduces new thoughts and arrives at a conclusion. This can be entertaining, informative, motivating, questioning, educational, horrifying, funny, sad and any other range of emotion that powerful writing can evoke.

All hail the introduction of digital tools and distribution channels! We are incorporating, of course, new digital tools and channels to deliver great content to specific audiences across multiple touch points. Today's reader consumes content in shorter chunks and headlines. And if they can be hooked with a relative headline and intro paragraph, chances are strong that they will read, share, comment and bookmark your content. All of that being done on devices of all types through distribution channels of all types.

Progressive Content Writing & Marketing Ideas

  1. Branded Content is Vital - Now, when we say branded content, we're not talking about stuffing posts and stories with a brand's name. We focus on brand qualities that users will deem important to them: transparency, authenticity, original, trustworthy, reliable and factual. Branded content speaks to your expertise and unique company qualities that your team members and customers like. It's not fake because that kind of writing is easily uncovered and dismissed. Branded content represents the qualities and standards that you want to convey to the world. This type of content writing builds brand affinity with an audience because they can see it from business transactions to customer service to real customer experiences.
  2. Provide Value to the Audience - Remember, progressive content writing assumes the duty of providing value to an audience, not to keyword stuff a sales pitch. The audience will realize value in content through how it helps them accomplish their own goals and how comfortable they feel with the story you're telling. For example, we write content every week for a regional OB/GYN practice and our value delivery is through content associated with having a baby or raising a newborn. So we write about new products, new technology, pregnancy trends and lifestyle content that brings value to the reader's pregnancy journey.Writing content that impacts from content marketing agency The Idea People in Charlotte.
  3. Creating Micro Moments - Micro Moment content is written for instant gratification from a user. The audience is searching for fast actions because they are ready to act on something. This content serves their need to "go now," or "purchase now," or "do now." For example, we blend in regional event calendars for some of our content clients based on the relevancy of the audience's lifestyle to our client's brands. If the audience has interests like mountain biking or kayaking, we distribute branded content on events that are happening at the moment they are looking. It works well.
  4. Use New Digital Tools -  Content writing and content marketing require the complementary digital tools to place content in the moments on the devices that an audience uses. A great example here is the AI Chatbot. The AI Chatbot is an evolving content tool that anticipates the needs of a website visitor when they interact with the bot. Users want instant knowledge about the product or service being offered, as well as current information about their previous orders or account. Our job as content writers is to use digital tools to deliver highly-relevant content through these channels as the user needs it. AI enables the content we write to match the queries the audience submits. The FAQ section on your website is another great tool. Google likes this type of content and will reward you with higher placement when it is built correctly.
  5. Content Pillars and Clusters - This is a genius content marketing move! **CAUTION** The content that you write for the pillars and clusters must be of high quality and highly relative to your offering. Google will recognize fake or stuffed content. So the pillar is a single topic keystone page where the content clusters will live. For example, if you sell pecans, your Pecan Pillar Page (say that five times quickly!) will highlight your broader content on pecans. Then the clusters are long-form content articles and blog posts that dive into deep details on the pecan world. Pillar pages are broad and clusters are in-depth content pieces. You may even earn a Spot Zero designation on Google as the pecan guru.

We believe that there are no shortcuts or magic formulas to creating content that is highly relative, useful and perfectly suited for an audience. It takes skill, experience and time to produce quality content. Writing exceptionally strong content is indeed a skill and an art.

As a professional content marketing company, we integrate progressive content writing ideas into our client strategies and executions. It's a commitment that we have always taken seriously on behalf of our clients. Lazy content writing earns lazy results. And generic content writing earns generic results.

We only focus on writing exceptional content coupled with highly-relevant digital tools to get the job done right. The first time.

For more information on how content writing and content marketing can benefit your brand, please contact Jay Joyce at or call 704-398-4437.

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