Responsive Web Design with The Idea People

by Bill McCown - Jun 24, 2015

The digital world is undergoing a mobile revolution. Every day more and more web traffic is generated by mobile devices. Web design used to be a relatively simple undertaking: everyone had around the same screen size and approximately the same computing capabilities.

Nowadays, your website needs to work equally well on a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or even a smart watch! Each device not only has its own screen size, but also its own hardware limitations. How do you design with all these potential audiences in mind?

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is simply web design for the 21st century. The days of coding a separate “mobile version” of your desktop site are over. Not only is this clunky coding, it’s also twice the amount of work for your web developers! Also, it’s a slippery slope – if you make a mobile version that fits an iPhone screen, do you make a separate site that fits on an Android phone? Do you need a site for tablets? What about a site that looks good on the Apple Watch?

The key to responsive web design is simplifying sites to feature only the most important content. Content is king on the web, not only for SEO but also for user experience and customer satisfaction. Users expect relevant content displayed quickly and efficiently so they can interact with your brand on the go.

This illustration shows how you should think about content. It’s a fluid entity that perfectly inhabits the space it’s placed in. If your content only fits on a huge desktop monitor, you should reevaluate whom your content is serving – yourself or your customers.

Responsive Web Design with The Idea People

The Idea People Only Codes Responsive Designs

At The Idea People, we only code websites with the latest in responsive design technology. You can tell when a website is created by The Idea People, because the content is just as powerful, engaging and visually captivating on any sized screen. Try it out and see!

Our developers understand the melding of form and function and realize that a good website has both. Our designers have an eye for the bold, innovative and captivating design elements that help declutter a brand’s message. Our content team distills a brand’s core values to create the most poignant and powerful prose possible.

Our team collaborates on every project to make sure our clients have the latest, greatest and most innovative websites possible. Whether it’s using responsive design or scouring the web for the next big thing, The Idea People helps your business be easy to find and hard to ignore online.

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