The Secret Sauce of Real SEO

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jul 24, 2019

Our digital marketing agency has developed a formula (for the lack of a better word) that really works for our client SEO and optimization projects. Success with SEO and content optimization really can't come from a "class I took" or "a post I read." Seasoned SEO veterans will tell you that there is a secret sauce that they gleaned and crafted over many years of trial and error, algorithm adjustments, celebrated victories and plenty of near misses.

Real SEO is an accumulative skill that expands from the analytical and playful minds of people who optimize content for a living. Pieces grow from technical SEO, practical SEO, content SEO and several other "secret" SEO practices. There should be a club for real SEO people where they gather and talk about their craft and research. Oh, snap. We have our agency.

Secret Sauce of Real SEO

  1. Embrace the Fear - there is something to "fear of the unknown," and it takes a special individual to dive in while having a healthy respect for the water. Real SEO takes guts to pivot optimization strategies and programs while you're swimming at full stroke. Each product, service or brand launching an optimization program usually begins with a textbook strategy, a treasure chest of audience data and 28 keyword ranking tools. But where is the fear? Real SEO is like hunting for the shark in JAWS. They had fear and respect for the unknown. They relied on experience, previous shark encounters and just plain gut. And their "big fish" stories embellished the fear.Charlotte digital marketing and SEO agency The Idea People with tips on our SEO secret sauce.
  2. Think Like Your BFF, Google - voice search does a decent job at  "real" conversations with search engines. What happens if you just say the word "JAWS" to your Google assistant? She replies telling you that she can't help with that...yet. But if you ask her "What is the scariest shark move of all time?" she will tell you the top 5 results from a trusted website. We all have learned to ask her  queries in a question format that includes phrases full of our search intent. Now we're thinking like Google! Google will always "tell" us how we should build phrases and search strategies. Just listen.
  3. All Keywords are Not Good Keywords - let's go back to our JAWS reference. Would we optimize content for phrases like "old fishing boat from New England" or "mechanical shark?" No. Nobody would search with those words if they are searching for JAWS. Now, if you take those phrases and add more to it, like, "What famous movie is the boat name Orca from?" She'll give you in-depth content about the movie JAWS and that the Orca is the only natural predator to the Great White Shark. Knowing the content array that you're optimizing is so much better than stuffing keywords.
  4. Be Consistent - if we're tasked with optimizing content for JAWS, we need to create companion content that is supportive of the movie and we need to do this consistently...not monthly. So we build companion content pieces that would include content about the Orca, the actors, the town, natural shark fears from movies or books, etc. We write and optimize the content to be delivered on a consistent schedule. So we end up building a "circle of blood" that surrounds our optimization goals for JAWS. Was the circle of blood reference too much? Sorry, we were being consistent.
  5. So What If You Get Eaten - failure and "missing the boat" are part of real SEO. It's only a flesh wound, you'll heal. At times there is no more valuable lesson than failure. This is why we don't put all of our eggs into one boat when optimizing. This is probably our best bit of advice to use our secret sauce. We build SEO strategies for each product or service...not a general broad overview for a group of products or services. Nobody searches or buys like that. This way when one SEO campaign doesn't work, we have multiples that are working. And we fix the one that suffered an attack and go again.

So these are pieces of our secret sauce and how we are successful with SEO for our clients. You can take these tips and incorporate them into your SEO strategy, but don't forget the blood, sweat, fear and tears that need to go along with your journey of optimization. Oh, and the journey never ends, except if you were Quint. Real SEO is a commitment.

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