Mobile Apps Inspire Loyalty

The Quick Read

We develop native iOS, Android and Hybrid apps. The mobile app stems from your mobile strategy, which is more than just a mobile-friendly website. What? You don’t have a mobile strategy? We can help.

Mobile apps keep you relevant. And the next tool of choice for business warfare is mobile. We do everything in-house and with our own employees. No outsourcing or offshoring. It’s all custom.

Contact Jay Joyce or call 704-398-4437 to schedule a time when we could meet with you and share ideas about how to inspire your business by leveraging assets from our mobile app development services. Watch a video on that page as well.

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The Deeper Technical Read

We keep current with the latest APIs, SDKs and mobile development platforms. OS systems update continuously, devices come in different screen sizes and the “one ups” keep us moving on every client target. We like the Hybrid approach because it gives us access to multiple OS platforms for access to cameras, GPS, email, messaging, accelerometer and user data. We are also moving toward mobile apps that are created as browser-based apps that are device-agnostic. These apps are websites that are built for mobile browsers. As we look to the role of mobile apps to the cloud, we see a world where apps will be developed for multiple devices with functionality that can be streamed across various operating systems. Security protocol is the next horizon for keeping customer data secure, and the cloud seems to be a consistent result for a permanent solution. We are equally as skilled in native iOS and Android mobile app development.

Why Mobile Apps?

  • Be visible to customers on demand at all times
  • Create a direct connection channel
  • Build value through the app touch
  • Empower field employees with data
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Cultivate customer loyalty
  • Give customers a window to their account