Digital marketing with TIP is custom, dynamic and forward thinking. The heart of our digital campaigns is content marketing. We write custom content every day. Inside the content we focus on advanced optimization techniques, calls to action and content that is "parallel" to other streams of associated content.

Media Strategy

The digital media strategy builds a technology roadmap to implement our digital marketing effort. How will we use data to create actionable insight? When do we execute marketing automation or PPC? Strategy sets us up for a bigger bang.

Engine Marketing

The quest for 'Spot Zero' is on (ask us about it). Writing custom, optimized content is a smart breadcrumb-style tactic for luring the right prospects from the right targeted organic ranking. Google listens to searchers. We listen to Google.

Paid Marketing

A large gap exists between potential PPC strategies and the ability to act on them. Extreme audience geolocation targeting, individual people targeting, the post-click experience on your site and new target KPIs will yield more PPC ROI.

Online Reputation Management

Ouch...that client comment on LinkedIn burns. Plus, they're not entirely correct. The right information flowing into the wrong hands will fuel your online reputation's demise. We'll take care of and prevent your online blemishes and bruises.

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