Digital marketing strategy, market research and audience discovery bridge the gaps to a successful online lead generation program.

Marketing Strategy

We develop smart digital marketing strategies that contain a series of actions to help you reach your company goals. Our best strategies are designed to build new customer acquisition channels, to optimize conversion rates and to manage digital brand consistency from platform to platform.

A digital strategy is baked into your needs and goals. One strategy might be to increase new customer leads while a second strategy may need to drive sales from product campaigns.

Digital tools connected to a strategy will include marketing automation, content writing, market research, social media outreach and even PPC/Paid media.

Engine Optimization

SEO and search engine optimization. Expand those terms into brand, content and customer experience optimization. (We haven't actually seen somebody optimize a search engine.)

We take our content optimization and ranking cues directly from Google, since they own the search engine. Our SEO skillsets evolve on-the-fly as Google yearns to deliver search results in the most cleanest and relevant order. Local search from mobile and desktop take priority.

Consistency in optimization is a prime key in ranking algorithms. Brand, logo and message consistency from platform to platform help optimization. Bake in structured data markup, technical optimization skillsets, exceptional content writing and fast page speeds. The end result is a stronger customer experience and a more consistent ranking result.

Pay Per Click

Paid search is a disruptive environment to say the least. Our PPC team's approach is understanding the target and at what point in the customer journey does PPC fall. We bring a sharper focus on fresh creative ad design with an audience-first approach over keywords, whether it is remarketing or lead generation.

PPC automation tools are more reliable so our Pay per Click team can spend quality time with understanding the audience and the points at which they consume ads in their purchasing journey, while we create more relative ads and messaging. So, more PPC automation and human intelligence.

PPC and pay per click media balance well with a thorough digital media strategy. Google is focusing on local ad delivery and content personalization. So you will see us include more paid custom and demographic-appropriate content.

Content Writing & Marketing

We absolutely love to write content. Actually, we're a rare content marketing agency inside a digital agency. Custom content writing is "the only marketing left," according to author Seth Godin.

Our nod to content writing is personalization, authenticity and transparency. We believe that nothing has changed with respect to people searching for really good content. The thing that has changed is that readers can tell "fake" from "real" within the very first sentence.

Throw in a content-rich Chatbot, add a content topic cluster and distribute it through an omni channel model, and you're set to create unique micro-moments in content writing heaven. You need a content marketing agency like The Idea People on your digital marketing team.

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