We're throwing down the "25 years of marketing and digital experience" card here because we have millions of dollars in experience from previous clients that you won't find anywhere else.

Marketing Strategy

We develop smart digital marketing strategies that contain a series of actions to help you reach your company goals. Our best strategies are designed to build new customer acquisition channels, to optimize conversion rates and to manage digital brand consistency from platform to platform.

A digital strategy is customized to your business' needs and goals. One strategy might be to increase new customer leads while a second strategy may need to drive sales from product campaigns.

Digital tools connected to a strategy will include marketing automation, content writing, market research, social media outreach and PPC/paid media.

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How Our
Program Works

Digital marketing at TIP fuels our clients to transform their current digital marketing program to exponentially larger opportunities. We bring a realistic approach with marketing that evolves from your marketing and sales plan. Our focus is on developing and managing digital programs that actually produce measurable results that link your digital platforms together.

First, we use our experience to analyze the challenges you have with marketing and then we discover how digital marketing can improve your impact. We believe whole heartedly in strong strategies, content marketing, customer journeys and a return on your investment.

Our team and your team collaborate on gaining and maintaining momentum focused on results of increased leads and increased conversions. It's a "team revenue" model.

Read one of our recent digital marketing posts.

Engine Optimization

Nobody is stronger at search engine and content optimization than we are. We thrive on testing the latest SEO practices, breaking news, algorithm updates and SEO techniques. The technical aspects of schemas, voice search, featured snippets, local and enterprise search expand our knowledge bank and keep us at the top of our craft. SEO nerds? Yes, we are.

The search landscape is volatile and ever changing, as you can imagine. Organic search marketing for local search results are the gold prize for page 1 rankings. And paid search can't replace organic SEO. They rely on each other.

So we approach SEO strategy by three pieces: organic content, technical optimization and competitive landscape. Who is doing optimization well in your vertical? Then we ask, "how can we top that?"

Users (your customers or prospects) either know your brand name (usually about 20%) or they have no idea who you are or what you do (about 80%). Our SEO strategy targets both sets of users. Solid research and supporting analytic data builds the story on which phrases and content pieces we will attack. We'll join you for the long term optimization game, because short-term SEO is just poor digital marketing.
Charlotte digital marketing agency The Idea People in Charlotte and Google Marketing.

PPC Marketing as a
Google Partner

Paid search is a disruptive environment to say the least. Our PPC team's approach is understanding the target and at what point in the customer journey PPC falls. We bring a sharper focus on fresh creative ad design with an audience-first approach over keywords, whether it is remarketing or lead generation.

We create and manage really effective PPC campaigns because we understand the offline strategies, the data needed and the creative pieces on how successful campaigns work. Then we can implement and manage Google's powerful automation while we test and report.

We'll uncover the attribution model (it's not last-click attribution!) to see where in your customer journey the key conversions are happening before the final click attribution. When we have correct and good data information from your account, we can then create effective decisions for each paid campaign.

Google and Bing are really effective with their PPC automation. In fact, most of the inefficient mistakes are made by the humans, not the AI or machine learning algorithms that the engines have perfected.
Charlotte digital marketing agency The Idea People is a Google Partner with paid media.

Content Writing & Marketing

We only write 100% custom content, and custom content writing is "the only marketing left," according to author Seth Godin.

Our speciality in content writing is personalization, authenticity and transparency. We believe that nothing has changed with respect to people searching for really good content. The thing that has changed is that readers can tell "fake" from "real" within the very first sentence.

"Our content writing team uses industry trends to create custom content topics and omni-channel delivery schedules based on the specific needs of each client and at what point they are engaged in a purchasing journey," says Tim Maurizio, digital marketing director at TIP.

Based on the customer profile and persona, we craft content and deliver it as they travel through a pre-defined customer journey. We believe that really successful content marketing is dependent upon actually knowing the defined target prospect and at what points of their online journey they need the content to propel them forward.

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Marketing automation can be compared to anything that runs 24/7 and has the ability to use AI and machine learning to improve itself. Kind of like robots. And who doesn't like robots?

We use marketing automation platforms to trigger email campaigns and responses, social media, lead generation, paid advertising and content delivery. Automation actually provides customers and prospects with a more personalized experience while managing consistent digital marketing workflow.

But that is only one part of the success. The real success in marketing automation is understanding who the customer is, their purchasing behaviors and even their roles in a business. Then we craft custom content to be placed in front of this ideal customer at key points in their buying journey. It's scientific and it's precise.

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