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As a full-stack digital marketing agency, we offer advanced digital services for companies to support sales initiatives or to augment existing digital teams.

A Full-Stack
Digital Agency

Over 26 years of digital experience, we've built a full-stack digital marketing agency. And it's more than our MarTech tools, Google certifications, BI/BA suites or team of designers and developers.

The real benefits of working with a full-stack digital agency are the leadership, knowledge and experience milestones. Experience alone in working with hundreds of clients on thousands of marketing campaigns is an incredible asset to place into your company's digital marketing effort. Blend in confidence, history and a successful track record creates a strong full-stack digital offering that is difficult to find in an overcrowded and inexperienced marketplace. Now include pandemic impacts.

Digital Team Augmentation. Our digital marketing team leadership offers augmentation services to build strength in your marketing team. Through leadership, remote team guidance, content ideation, campaign creation, PPC/Google training and other services, we will provide experience to strengthen your team.


The blurred lines between sales and marketing is quickly emerging into sales enablement. The traditional marketing role is essentially transforming into a hybrid role serving both the marketing and sales environment with the goal of transitioning new prospects through the channels of becoming a new customer.

In the B2B digital marketing world, sales enablement from a marketing perspective incorporates the sales process beyond pure lead generation. Marketing is involved with sales team collaboration in supporting the sales leads through the sales funnel with tools needed to help with conversion.

What does this mean for B2B digital marketers? Sales enablement processes will need non-traditional lead nurturing tools, supportive materials for prospect demos and presentations and on-going email cycle campaigns.

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Engine Optimization

No company is stronger in search engine and content optimization than we are. From understanding the impact of BERT and natural language processing, and why you cannot optimize for it, to writing only the best content for actual readers. The technical aspects of schemas, voice search, featured snippets, local and enterprise search expand our knowledge bank and keep us at the top of real SEO craft.

Schema markup continues to play a large role in our technical SEO strategy. As we develop technical SEO strategy, the total website content optimization picture is considered as to where possible voice search answers could be delivered and marked with schema. In addition to voice search, Google rewards valid schema markup and appropriate content with featured snippets in search results. These are great SEO strategy pieces.

The technical SEO minds that we speak with on the national scene tell us that there will be no slowing down on natural language processing and deep learning research any time soon. Content will need to be written toward a user's intent rather than a string of keywords a user might search. Pretty scary if a company doesn't know technical optimization.

Strong SEO and optimization accelerates from treating it as a vital piece of a business strategy and not as a digital marketing tool. Content optimization that is focused on the customer's intent (their issues, their needs, their problems at each stage of the buying process) is a more genuine SEO content strategy.

Charlotte B2B digital marketing company The Idea People.

Paid Search

PPC automation continues to accelerate in learning and delivering better results as the technology continues to scale in development. And we continue to create the genius campaign ideas and strategies while we manage the entire process, until the machines tell us otherwise.

PPC automation in Google AdWords is highly efficient for advanced managers and minimized transparency. A really strong PPC campaign requires the front-end expertise of idea generation, better audience targeting and audience intent. The machine still cannot determine audience intent.

We really like several of the PPC automation tools that Google brings to the game, like Dynamic Search Ads, Responsive Search Ads, Target ROAS are strong automated options. We use automation layering where we monitor and guide the automations to the best PPC results for our client campaigns.

In the same conversation, we include all PPC platforms with Google - Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sponsored Content Publications and E-Content Delivery.

As automation assists PPC professionals by allowing time for other tasks, PPC strategy now takes a greater role in importance for campaign success and ROI. Solving a client's problem through PPC strategy and managing the strategic elements, rather than just using PPC as a digital tool, will drive more value in the client's marketing plan.

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Content Marketing
& Writing

We only write 100% custom, high-quality, optimized content. It's always relevant and valuable no matter the topic or target audience. Google still ranks content that shouldn't be ranking, but the day is quickly approaching when only relevant content will rank.

Our speciality in content writing is personalization, authenticity and transparency. We believe that nothing has changed with respect to people searching for really good content. The thing that has changed is that readers can tell "fake" from "real" within the very first sentence.

"Our content writing team uses industry trends to create custom content topics and omni-channel delivery schedules based on the specific needs of each client and at what point they are engaged in a buying journey," says Tim Maurizio, digital marketing director at TIP. "It's the intent of the individual that we are writing...their needs, their problems and the solutions they are searching."

Based on the customer profile and persona, we craft content and deliver it as they travel through a pre-defined customer journey. We believe that really successful content marketing is dependent upon actually knowing the defined target prospect and at what points of their online journey they need the content to propel them forward.

Read more on our custom Content Writing Service.


Building better customer experiences should be the core component of marketing automation. We're literally bringing together hoses of data from various digital platforms to aggregate data in a furious exercise to measure if we're making success toward a predetermined benchmark. Plus we are building better customer experiences inside these MarTech stacks. At the same time, we're dissecting the data to glean how our messaging is bringing customers closer to us...or us closer to them.

Marketing automation and MarTech channels are seeing a streamlining of technologies into an omnichannel initiative. 2018 and 2019 were the years of "let's try this solution" and organizations are breaking down multiple programs into single options that provide collective services through an omnichannel program. It's time to offer your customers the benefits of a seamless online journey by helping them consolidate their efforts.

MarTech platforms quickly accumulate customer data that leads to a need for data unification and consolidation into a single view...a way to bring the data together from multiple platforms to make one big picture and make sense for the customer. Do we need to build a custom API to a data reporting client like Tableau to visualize the customer data? Or do we develop a customer dashboard where the customer can visualize their own data? Probably both as a result of COVID-19.

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