We work with the C-Suite to build innovative digital products and processes that outperform old ones and transform the end value you give customers.


Digital & business transformation strategy uncovers the vulnerable points in your company where you are failing your customers. The resulting strategy creates a roadmap of which digital technologies will resolve failed customer experiences and increase their confidence in doing business with you.

Our transformation strategy begins with an evaluation of the existing business practices and customer experiences that need to change. Our educational certification through MIT enables our strategy to scale as your budget permits. This is not an "all in" transformative strategy. Matter of fact, small changes and solutions can produce larger desired results.

Better (CX)
Customer Experiences

Digital transformation is a fundamental change in how your business interacts with customers. Successful business transformation processes will expose customer data and enhance revenue growth through better customer experiences (CX).

What does better customer experience look like? It means exposing a customer's data to their secure web account, offering e-commerce and real-time job scheduling, engaging with customers for better and faster service and encouraging brand interactivity online.

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MIT Transformation Certification

We're in a digital-first economy where business transformation demands a shift in your internal culture on how team members think about serving the customer and the digital technology to make that happen.

Our agency senior partners are trained, educated and certified from MIT in the digital transformation for businesses process. We can assist you in developing your Matrix of Change to new technology integration to building stronger customer experiences. The excitement of building a digital transformation eco-system inside your company will drive your company's C-level team and employees to focus more attention on customers and their needs.

Digital transformation agency The Idea People in Charlotte are certified in business transformation from MIT.

Automating Manual Processes

If you had to pick three manual processes in your company right now that are detrimental to your customer's experience and your bottom line, what would they be? The automation of manual processes includes:
- Offering a new suite of on-demand technologies to support sales and customers, like an AI chatbot
- Sharing customer data from inside your ERP out to your secure website
- Using beacon technology to gather data from your manufacturing machines to uncover inefficiencies
- Migrating all of your company data to the secure Cloud for controlled access
- Eliminating company employee silos to open up team collaboration and communication with customers
- Transforming outdated manual processes into digital streamlined processes

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