We only offer 100% custom mobile app development with our own team members in Charlotte, NC, for iOS, Android and Hybrid app development. We do not offshore any work...ever.

iOS Apps

Our iOS app development work uses Apple’s Swift and Xcode IDE for development. When coupled with Objective-C, Swift allows for clean syntax that makes APIs easier to read and maintain.

TIP is an agency within the Apple Developer Program. We use the Apple SDK for the latest innovations and technologies in development tools for iOS products. Our developers integrate these powerful software development protocols to build custom and sophisticated iOS apps for exceptional user experiences from iOS devices and platforms.

There are over 1.8 million apps in the App Store and custom iOS app development will help yours stand apart.

Charlotte iOS mobile app developer is The Idea People development agency.

Android Apps

We are longterm members of the Android development community. The real genius behind Android app development is the incredible reach of Google Play and Google itself once the app is released.

The Android operating system is our app development universe powered by Android IDE. We code with Java and C++ in the Android SDK and our developers use the Android Debug Bridge (adb) to run device-side commands.

Building app functionality for the Android app to interact with external Android accessories is a special skillset that our developers deploy through the Android Open Accessory Development Kit. We are also contributors to the Android open source community of contributors.

Charlotte Android mobile app developer is The Idea People with in-house developers.

Hybrid Apps

We develop Hybrid mobile apps that behave exactly like native equivalents. Hybrid apps target a phone’s WebView inside a native container. Simply stated, Hybrid apps are actually native apps and HTML5 web apps tied together.

In other words, you’ll never know if an app is native or hybrid. They operate the same to the user, and that’s what matters. Hybrid development gets you to market faster. Hybrid apps work well for frequent updates to your app. The user experience is still good. Hybrid apps are less expensive to develop than native apps and work inside the app stores just like a native app.

Our choice of technology for hybrid app development is the Ionic SDK. Ionic allows for frameworks like Angular, Vue.js and React, which our Android developers prefer.

Charlotte hybrid mobile app developer is The Idea People uses Ionic with React, Angular and Vue.js frameworks.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps (PWA) are web applications that are regular web pages or websites. We build PWAs to appear like native or hybrid apps to users with the benefits of most modern web browsers inside a mobile experience.

PWAs are user experiences that have the reach of the web itself. They are reliable, fast and engaging, which make for really strong user experiences on mobile devices.

Our web developers like the PWA because Google Chrome can prompt you to add the app to your home screen, the apps don't require large network bandwidth and an amazing user experience will increase conversions. The speed to market and costs are less than a native application.

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