We build custom software and APIs that power digital technology solutions to reform business processes, to replace paper and manual practices and to radically improve customer experiences.


Creativity and imagination drive us in developing custom software products that solve all types of client problems and processes. We develop software solutions with a true end-to-end lifespan from research to ideation to development and support.

Since we began in Atlanta in 1994, we have developed hundreds of web and mobile solutions for all types of companies nationwide. Our software team solves your complex problems quickly with scalable web-based solutions that make you look awesome in front of your customers.

We specialize in front end, backend and mobile, so all software projects are within our capabilities. Our front end devs are master WordPress platform innovators, from creating advanced custom fields to writing APIs to creating beautiful responsive designs. HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript mastery enable our front end devs to build unbelievable functionalities and performance to front-facing web products.

On the backend, our devs handle product road mapping, database development, specialty platforms like Django and Python, Docker, AWS and many others. Our backend team builds incredible platforms and capabilities for process automations, IoT connectivity and scalable database functionality.

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Tech Stack

PHP open source web software development company The Idea People in Charlotte, NC.Our software development tech stack includes powerful platforms, databases and cloud technologies that our developers leverage in our open source agency. We love the open source platforms because global collaboration brings such a high level of thought leadership and best practices for new software functionality.

The sheer power from our software teams creates great opportunities for us to grow longterm partnerships with our clients. We're not good at "vendor" roles. Leave that for the copier people. We have built a company over 26 years that is a well-balanced platform of control, flexibility, collaboration and transparency.

We operate in an extremely productive environment based on the "80/20" principle. Those who know this will appreciate it in business. Our project management team and Scrum culture keeps us in a feature-driven development mode marked by continuous deployment and integration through collaborative sprint deliverables. Clients love this because they know exactly where we are in the development cycle.

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