The skillsets of a really good innovation and business transformation partner can help your company accelerate with smart business strategies, custom software applications and exciting new customer experiences.


Our business transformation team will meet you wherever you are in your transformation journey. The question is never whether you need to transform - it's where you need to begin the transformation program. And it's different for every organization.

Business transformation affects a company's people, process and products. While there could be an excitement level to "jump in" with a total transformation, we usually work with a company on one area first to bring balance into a transformation, while we simultaneously plan work across multiple areas. Clients ask us what is the most difficult part of transformation. It's not the financial cost or the implementation of new technologies, it's actually the adoption of change within the organization by the people. And we can help with that.

What we usually uncover in a business transformation is that companies and their teams have the need for new ideas and those ideas will need to be powered by intelligent technologies. But they don't know where to look for help or how to start. On the other side, customers and market demands for change are growing impatient as the clock ticks. Customers crave new experiences from the company to mirror what they get from competitors.

Our collaborative approach to business transformation and new technology adoption creates a synergy that drives real innovation inside your organization. Together we create new ideas that transform business roadblocks into custom solutions that will excite the customer base. Part of our strategy is looking at the economics of your market through a different lens - will the new technologies and processes expand your ability to serve more customers in other markets?

At the core of your transformation will lie a change in thinking, an adoption in new technologies and a creation of new value and experiences for your customers. The goal and end result of business transformation will be renewed synergy between you and your customers and an acceleration of your business growth.

Business Growth

Accelerating business growth in your organization will introduce exciting aspects of change. Embracing change via new processes, technologies and thinking inside your company fosters an environment for growth and opportunity. Accelerating business growth introduces the concepts of agile thinking and processes. Fresh ideas. Collaboration from everybody inside the organization. A breaking down of traditional silos. Beginning at the top. "This is how we have always done it," will not help a company accelerate through business transformation.

Agile thinking will increase productivity, challenge outdated processes and move products or services into the market faster. This is where we can really help you accelerate. Our team collaborates with you to build an innovative strategy that introduces new ways of thinking how to serve customers and how to move your products and services more efficiently into their arms. And what about all of the data you're storing and harvesting? We'll build cutting-edge customer dashboards with analytical reporting and business metrics that build stronger relationships between your company and your customers. Then we'll help you find a new market to serve or to replicate through the new technology.

The most successful companies adopt an agile approach to respond quickly to market changes. Apple, Philips, AT&T and Cisco are shining agile models. These companies embrace the agile approach to improve their processes and to maintain their innovative tempo in the changing tide of technology, new customer demands and increased competition.

We can help your company transform toward this type of agile business approach while we develop software and digital customer tools to replace outdated processes and improve customer experiences. Please contact Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or to talk about how we can help you or to schedule an appointment today.

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