We have 25+ years of advising and implementing emerging technologies for our clients on the web, a smart device and inside their physical business. We're trusted technology consultants and advisors and we develop 100% custom strategies.


Having a trusted and experienced technology consultant that knows the internal and external client-facing needs of a company is an essential to transform businesses in this robust economy. We have 25+ years of demonstrated experience, and client stories to support it, to supplement your company's C-suite, ownership, IT project managers and affected stakeholders.

So many of our technology consulting strategies target the delivery of data from internal systems out to the web through a secure environment. Tying your internal data to and back from external devices is a specialty we offer. On top of our technological capabilities, we fit into your business plans and customer sales plans perfectly. We're business people just like you. And we're a great technology partner to have on your team.

"Migrating to the cloud" is a real business concern, as it should be. But if you want to expand your core business and grow into new marketplaces, the migration could not be more important. "And we encourage our clients to experiment and take small steps toward transformation," says Bill McCown, TIP COO/Vice President. "We have the depth and experience to see 360 degrees of your business plan and we build a custom strategy to take you to higher levels of growth or new marketplaces."

Project Management

Our company COO is a certified agile Scrum manager and he runs every major technology project when we engage in a long-term technology approach and solution. We organize your teams and our teams into a collaborative and iterative 2-week sprint experience that keeps the projects on track while engaging key stakeholders.

We also have a separate project manager that takes ownership of your project and manages the pieces from you and the projects from us to ensure a successful outcome. She, Kelly Reimer, has more than 15 years of successful technology project management from Wells Fargo, Sealed Air and Lowe's. Kelly keeps projects on time, on budget and in scope. It's a tremendous benefit to managing complex technology initiatives.

Contact our company CEO, Jay Joyce, at 704-398-4437 or email Jay to schedule a time to talk about your technology initiatives and what we can do to bring your project to a successful launch and to ensure you get what you need. You will have 100% access and involvement with our company owners on every technology consulting and advisory project. We're 100% serious about helping you use technologies to transform your business.

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