Our business transformation consulting teams help your organization innovate with technology planning, strategize and build new customer experiences and harness data through business analytics. Behind every transformation is the action of improved processes, increased profits and streamlined productivity.

Digitization &

Our business technology team will meet you wherever you are in your transformation journey. We say that the question is never whether you need to transform - it's where you need to begin the transformation program. And it's different for every organization.

Digitization and innovation affects the transformation of people, process and products. We can work with a company on one area to bring balance into a transformation or we can simultaneously work in multiple areas.

The one thing that each of our clients have in common is that the need for new ideas powered by intelligent technologies is in high demand. Their customers and market demands will never wait.

Our collaborative approach with our clients in business transformation and new technology adoption creates a synergy that drives real innovation. Together we create new ideas that transform business roadblocks into custom solutions and market opportunities.

Our business and technical transformation education via MIT enables our approach to not only be realistic, but to balance the strategic business initiatives with the technology investment of transformation. There is no need to go "all in" at one time.

Digital Growth

Accelerating digital growth comes with a cost...not always a financial one. We're talking about the cost of change. Embracing change via processes, attitudes, approaches and thinking. Accelerating digital growth requires the introduction of agile thinking and processing. Fresh ideas. "This is how we have always done it," will not help a company accelerate through business transformation.

Agile adoption will increase productivity and get products or services into the market faster. This is where we can really help you.

The most successful companies adopt an agile approach to respond quickly to market changes. Apple, Philips, AT&T and Cisco are shining agile models. These companies embrace the agile approach to improve their processes and to maintain their innovative tempo in the changing tide of technology, new customer demands and increased competition.

We can help your company transform toward an agile business model while we develop software and digital customer tools to fix outdated processes and improve customer experiences. Please contact Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or

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