Exceptional UX design is a custom art and requires a team of trained UX designers, UI interface artists and UX content writers. We're building user experiences that shape business direction and revenue generation.

User Experience
Design (UX)

Our user experience designers are concerned in the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product, including assets like the branding, usability and site function. We build custom user experience designs that rely heavily on hand-to-eye and back usability.

The focus with our UX experience designers is to build screens that your customers will use during research, purchase, service and community stages. "When a customer is thinking about engaging with your brand or company, they have a vision in their mind of what type of experience the visual screens should have," says TIP Creative Director/Partner Darrell Moore. "We only want to please the customer's journey and visually pull them into the product or service. That's user experience design."

We're building personalized user experiences that engage customers at the beginning of their journey and continue through to the purchase and recommendation stages. Actually, great user experience design is used to build online affinity that offline channels can't provide.

UX Designs

Responsive design has moved over to make way for device-agnostic UX design and we're taking it to an entirely new seamless level. Yes, we focus on the actual device but we also create unique customer journeys that fuel our beautiful designs.

The conversation on UX design is engaging customers on the devices that they choose, versus the designs that we build for responsive websites. We're building UX designs that can flow from smart phones to laptops to even voice devices.

Device-agnostic UX designs give users a dynamic and adaptable customer journey experience, whatever is the most convenient way for a user to complete their desired activity. It's as custom as the user needs to score points for their experience.

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