Creative solutions, experienced art direction, unique customer experiences and 100% custom digital design.

100% Custom Web Design

Our web designers are creative specialists. As design trends roll from bursts of color to single-page design to flat design, our team develops the creative balance to build the ideal web experience to deliver your story.
Web design company The Idea People in Charlotte offers 100% custom creative web design.
Did we mention that every website we design is 100% custom...from minds of inspiration and creativity? We're the people who take the time to craft a true branded web presence. No templates and no cookie cutters. Those are easy to spot.

We still build relationships with our clients and genuinely collaborate with your business and marketing team to create the perfect web design. Our creative and art direction delivers a website that is on-brand and on-message.

The marketing funnel and customer journey strategy is seamlessly integrated into the creativity of the design. And when it is time to build a CMS, our development team crafts the custom backend that supports the creative mission or we build an API to your CMS. We adapt to any CMS and you'll own everything 100%.

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Transform Web Design

Website transformation is driven by higher-quality web design architecture including high-quality content, video, "dark mode" design, liquid animation and minimalism. We design websites to meet your customer at critical moments when they are forming opinions, shopping for what you sell and making purchase decisions.

Charlotte web design transformation company The Idea People. Harnessing the power of digital technologies and the people who know how to use them can help you transform your website from "they used to be a player" to "I can't live without them."

Our custom-designed from scratch website will invariably match your brand and its unique needs much better than someone else's theme or "trapped" CMS system.

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