It’s a Small, Small Digital Marketing & Web World

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jul 27, 2018

Do you remember the digital marketing and web world from way, WAY back in 2014? Companies were still saying that, "none of our customers will find us on Facebook so we don't need social media." Or how about this golden oldie from 2015, "Our customers don't need to order our products from our website because they call our sales people."

Making the leap forward and "catching up" from 2015 to 2019 is expensive and painful for any company, especially in the world of fast-moving social media and web platform innovations. In just a few short years, we've all left behind a gigantic swath of digital trash as companies grasped at every digital and web fad or charm to gauge what works best.

Today? We use laser-focused, pinpointed strategies to deliver our messages and products in precision strikes. We've evolved down into a small, small digital marketing and web world.

"We'll Never Need It" is Now an Urgent "We Need It Tomorrow!"

Urgent digital marketing and web platform development in Charlotte with The Idea People.We have observed that the timespan between innovations and revelations in the web and digital world grows shorter and shorter every six months. And just about every digital trend and tool is within the grasp of every company and team, no matter how big or how small. But will you use it when it comes out? And will you be open minded when the next set of tools surface in six months? Your customers are using them.

As we at TIP evaluate our client needs for 2019, we see that traditional manufacturing companies across the Carolinas are awakening to loud customer demands for simple things like access to their account and online ordering. We all know that Amazon ruined it for everybody! And it's true that so many manufacturing companies operated under the blind assumption that "we don't need e-commerce or digital tools because our customers call us on the phone." Until recently.

Just this year we have seen a large surge of traditional manufacturing companies scurrying to transform their outdated CRMs and ERPs to modern miracles of form and function for their customers. But making the leap from 2010 to 2019 is expensive, slow and painful. Not just for the customers, but also for everybody inside the business. The conversation is switching to "we need these new systems online this year. We need it tomorrow." We've evolved into a small, small digital and web world.

The New Face of Company Web & Digital Platforms

So it's all changed. Websites are now platforms for customers to access their accounts and make purchases online. Digital marketing and media has evolved outside of Facebook posts and Tweets to serving custom content on the schedule of the target audience. Oh, and lots of pictures, too. So what does it look like now?Advanced digital marketing and web platform web development with The Idea People in Charlotte, NC.

  1. Piquing the interest of target audiences - just use yourself in these examples. How often do you allow mass messages to infiltrate your digital streams? Not very often. Brands and companies are using the web and digital platforms to pique the interest of targeted audiences (yes, you should use multiple audience targets). Stand out! "Look at my message because it relates directly to your hobby or trade!" Remember, we're talking pinpoint precision targeting now. No more shotgun campaigns or approaches.
  2. Generating leads from the right audience - ok, so we picked them, piqued them and now we have to pluck them. Get these targeted people to your web platform or digital channel so you can woo them and put them inside a welcoming and comforting sales channel. Sprinkle in some conversion points. All of a sudden you have actual sales leads or brand new e-commerce sales from the "right" audience. Every company has a "right" audience and subsequent "almost right" audiences. Plus you have a "wrong" audience. Use them wisely.
  3. Supporting the sales process - your web platform and digital conversation supports what your sales team and advertising are claiming. So your target audience is picked and piqued and they visit your platforms to verify and to gather information to help them make a great buying decision. Do you have a fantastic support process on your web platform? Can new customers feel welcome, find products, research supporting claims and contact you to buy something? Are all of your annoying errors and sales hurdles cleared and eliminated from your web platform?

Short-term thinking from company leaders causes the pain, the expense and the turmoil of "catching up" with technology and new buying trends. Your customers are building new relationships and buying products from their phones, people. The web platform and digital world is shrinking smaller and smaller every six months. If your company is outdated in technology and the web, then it's also out of touch with customers.

We will help you build the best strategy for transitioning your business and customer base onto a successful web platform. Yes, it's expensive and painful. And passing time only adds fuel to that fire. We can help you transform your business. Call Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or email to schedule a time to begin planning your comeback.

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