How the Snap Map Could be Used for Small Businesses

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jun 28, 2017

It’s no lie, Snapchat’s new Snap Map is creepy… and scary accurate. But ignoring all the stalking and ways that people could abuse the map, it still has value for businesses. While the feature is still new, there are still some methods of marketing we think it can tap into.

Sleep Feature and Posting on Social Media

People on every corner of the globe have social media. All of these social networks are making the world seem smaller and that we can feasibly reach any target audience we want. But what if the exact audience we want is asleep? Say we are in lovely Charlotte, North Carolina at 9:00am and we decide that it is the perfect time to send out a Facebook post about an online sale. By going onto the Snap Map, users can see which of their friends SnapChat bitmoji’s have been considered “asleep”, and by tracing the fellow bitmoji’s that have been declared ‘asleep’, we may find that 9:00am on the east coast is in fact not a good time to post about an online sale. Most of the country in fact is not awake at 9:00am (time zones and the like). We see that we should actually post more than once. Once for the people on the east coast, and then maybe a couple hours later once we see our friends around the globe on SnapChat waking up. Then another Facebook post can be crafted, specifically targeting that time zone.


The same concept as a bitmoji, an actionmoji allows you to choose an action or hobby to perform in order to give your friends a better understanding of where you are and what you are doing. If you are a small business, think about designing a specific action that Snap users can select when they are using your product or at your store. Snap users will inadvertently spread your brand as more of their friends check out the action effects on SnapChat. If the actionmoji is only offered in certain areas (possibly locations near your stores) there’s a chance more foot traffic will start to appear around those locations as more people will want to try out the SnapChat action. Let your friends know that you’re out enjoying your coffee at your favorite cafe by letting your digital alter-ego do all the work.

Breaking News to View different cities

If you’ve explored the new Snap Map, you’ll have noticed that you can click on a different city or location and see the live snap videos that people are sending in. You could be preparing breakfast in your kitchen in South Carolina and effortlessly scroll across the globe and see what is being posted in Rome, Italy. If you’re a business close to one of these Breaking News hotspots, you can use it to your advantage. Instead of having to be at the exact location to view the trending stories of the city, you can check out any city’s stories, from any location! What does this mean for marketers? That you can tailor your message for anyone around the globe at any time - people are now always watching. Time no longer has a tight constraint on content because one half of the world can be asleep and someone out there can still view your story. And since SnapChat updates in real time, you never have to worry about old content appearing, since you can constantly be updating it!

Creating Glowing Hot Spots for Your Store Locations

Have you noticed some random glowing spots on your map? If you try clicking on one, you’ll get shown stories of local people who have sent snap stories into that location. It’s a great indicator of if something important or interesting is going on in the area. For example, if your store was having a sale and customers that are also SnapChat users come into the store, they could start posting stories about your sale, and then create a hotspot that anyone can check in on. If you create a type of customer engagement that requires them to post to a local Snap Story, you’ll be able to put your business on the Snap Map for all to see.

Maybe we Invent SnapChat Analytics?

Maybe the next evolution of this app will bring SnapChat analytics. Like with Google and Facebook, this can be used to research foot traffic (especially if we can check in at various locations) and know which days and times are the most popular for people to stop in. Based on that you could create different marketing campaigns such as BOGO deals if you’ve noticed that two or more people tend to check in at a location together. Just like how there are apps for businesses and you can receive rewards (Just like when you purchase a drink on the Starbucks app), by checking in on SnapChat at that location you could also win points or a prize.

The way we look at it, this Snap Map can be a little creepy at times, but the benefits for the marketing and advertising industry are multiplying. As only the first iteration of the Map, there are still so many updates that SnapChat can build in and more features that small businesses and agencies can use to their advantage.

What do you think about the new SnapChat update? Do you have an idea for how it can be applied in the marketing world? Send us an email at

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