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by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Nov 14, 2014

Social media marketing on networks like Facebook helps businesses meet new customers and stay in touch. Did you know that most online advertising reaches only 38% of its intended audience? Facebook’s average is 89%!

Advertisements on Facebook are unique. They're delivered to specific, targeted groups of highly engaged people via desktop and mobile. "When your ads have great creative content and are well targeted, they get more likes, comments and shares. When someone takes any of these actions, their friends may see your ad, making it more powerful," said Jay Joyce with The Idea People. "When you boost your page posts or expand the audience for your ads, more people will see them and connect with your brand."

Facebook Ad Targeting Options

So, how do you reach your audience? Facebook has several targeting options that allow you to narrow your focus and find the users who are likely to interact with your brand and become future customers. Facebook's targeting options include:

Location – Reach people in cities, countries and communities where you want to do business. For example: If you’re a local business, you can show your ads to people who are near your store.

Demographics – Choose the audience for your ad based on demographics like age, gender, education and more.

Interests – Reach people based on their interests, hobbies and pages they like on Facebook. For example: If you sell cookware, you can reach people who like “cooking,” and also cooking shows or recipe sites.

Behaviors – Find people based on their purchase behaviors, device usage and other activities. For example: App developers can reach people who are early adopters or who use a specific type of smartphone.

Connections – Reach people who are connected to your page, event or app, as well as their friends. For example: You can promote an event by showing ads to the friends of people who are attending.

Case Study: Carolinas Freedom Foundation

Recently, we used targeted Facebook ads to build page likes for a new client, Carolinas Freedom Foundation. Founded in 1995, the Carolinas Freedom Foundation exists to promote patriotism, support the brave men and women in the Unites States Armed Forces, and honor our nation's veterans. They also sponsor the Flags in Classroom program, which endeavors to ensure every classroom in the region has an American flag.

The Carolinas Freedom Foundation had two Veterans Day events that needed promotion: the American Airlines Freedom Breakfast and the American Airlines Salute to Veterans Parade. When we took on CFF as a client, their Facebook page had only eight likes.

We knew that, in order to get the word out about the Carolinas Freedom Foundation and their upcoming events, we would need to create a targeted Facebook ad campaign that not only increased page likes but encouraged users to participate in the Veterans Day events.

On October 22, we created an ad with a simple message with the date and time of the American Airlines Freedom Breakfast and a call to action to like the Carolinas Freedom Foundation Facebook Page for more information.

First, we targeted the ad to users between the ages of 30-65+ who live in North and South Carolina – people who could actually attend the event. "It's common sense, but if you're creating an advertisement to promote a local event, there's no point in marketing it to a broad audience of millions – only people who live within driving distance of the event are likely to attend," said Joyce.

Next, we focused on interests. We targeted users who liked pages or listed interests pertaining to World War II, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Veterans for America, Military History, Vietnam Veterans of America and the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. We also targeted users who liked cable news channels like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, as well as political and social issues.

By November 6, the Carolinas Freedom Foundation Facebook Page jumped to 515 likes and the American Airlines Freedom Breakfast was completely sold out. Those are some pretty serious results, right? "The most important thing in creating a successful Facebook ad is knowing your audience. Ultimately, you're looking for opinionated, passionate people – those are the users who are going to interact with your brand the most," added Joyce.

Social Media Marketing in Charlotte

The Idea People's social media marketing team creates and manages your social media networks and messages to keep your brand relevant and connected to your customer base. Our goal is to build a relationship-based marketing strategy to connect with your customers and inspire them to get involved with your brand.

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