Social Media Resolutions for 2015

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Dec 31, 2014

With the new year comes a new you — on social media, anyway. As 2015 approaches, it's time to once again make a few New Year's resolutions that – hopefully – you absolutely, definitely will not break. Some of these resolutions can be tough, like losing weight or quitting smoking. When it comes to social media, however, there are a few things we could all work on that may be easier to stick to. In celebration of the New Year, here are a list of social media resolutions for 2015 that we should all strive to keep:

1.) Mute More People on Twitter

We're not encouraging you to be a closed-minded, cantankerous Twitter user who screams, "Get off my lawn!" into the void. All we're saying is, Twitter blessed us with the ability to mute users in 2014, and it's a feature that we should take more advantage of. Muting always you to do all the followbacks and courtesy follows you want without getting stuck strolling through undesirable (and repetitive) tweets. Do you have that one annoying Twitter follower who does nothing but retweet celebrities? Mute 'em. How about the guy who tweets about pro wrestling way too much? Oh wait, that's me...

2.) Delete Those Useless Apps

Are you one of those people who's constantly thumbing through Twitter or Facebook on their smartphones? We're all guilty of it, but it's important to be aware of how much this kind of idle scrolling interferes with real social activities. It's so easy to avoid people now – in an elevator, in line at the movies – but it's also making the world much smaller. In 2015, weans yourself away from the digital world by ditching those unnecessary apps that keep you away from living in the moment. Do you really need to read a politically charged Facebook status from someone you went to high school with while you're standing in line at the post office?

3.) Unfollow More People on Facebook

Over the years, Facebook has made it easy to hide unwanted opinions (and people) from your News Feed. However, Facebook's algorithm is continually shuffling the things you see on your News Feed based on activity and who you interact with, which can result in still seeing things you're not that interested in. Just go ahead and cut the dead weight already and unfollow those old high school friends and distant relatives and prune your News Feed down to only the friends you actually want to interact with.

 4.) BuzzFeed Quizzes & Game Invites

Guys. You are NOT a Game of Thrones character. Also, you're not a Gilmore Girls character. Please stop cluttering our news feeds with BuzzFeed quizzes that determine which fictional character you are. You're a grown-ass adult, not a tween in a One Direction t-shirt. While we're at it, please stop sending me game invites to Candy Crush Saga or Farm Heroes Saga. I'm too busy taking this "Which DIY Face Mask Should You Use?" quiz to play your silly games!

The Idea People's New Year's Resolution

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