Success in Merging Digital Marketing with Real People

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Aug 22, 2016

Ok. So we're all getting to the point of maxing out on being bombarded with digital marketing ads, banners, content and overall digital stuff. "The online digital world is crammed full of messages and advertisements that are all screaming for our attention in one form or another," says Jay Joyce with The Idea People. "One thing is for sure is that it's noisy as heck when you open your phone and we want to cut through that noise with ideas that merge the digital life into real people's lives."

Digital marketing with Snapchat filters from The Idea People in Charlotte.

Merging Digital Marketing with Real People - Snapchat Filters

It wasn't too long ago that real people actually interacted with other real people to communicate, buy things, make friends and carry conversations. "One of the best tools that we are having large success with is custom filters on Snapchat," says Joyce. "Custom filters can blend real world experiences, like being with your friends at a party or event, with the digital world in a seamless and fun manner."

Custom branded filters on Snapchat create a branded filter that can convey the theme of the event or party where real people are. "We have had very successful filter campaigns in Miami and here in Charlotte for one of our clients, Hydrate Medical," said Joyce. "We tied in to Swim Week in Miami and created custom branded filters that were available at certain hotels where particular parties were being held. And the goal was to offer party goers these fun, branded filters to frame their photos with. It worked spectacularly."

Digital marketing Snapchat filter marketing from The Idea People in Charlotte.

Another very recent success story was here in Charlotte for Pride weekend. "We worked with Hydrate Medical in Charlotte to build specific events where our Hydrate brand could be present, in person, and we supplemented those events with a branded Snapchat filter," says Joyce. "The weekend results were crazy successful and we were very pleased with both the physical part of delivering our marketing messages in person and the digital aspect of branding their event photos with our Hydrate filters."

Over a weekend, there were a total of 1,313 individual filter uses by real people interacting with Hydrate Medical in real time at the sponsored events. "This is a phenomenal avenue for our brands to reach real people in person and then supplement the relationship with a digital filter," says Joyce. "It's like getting a free gift from a brand that you actually want to have!"

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