The Consumerism of IT on Company Leaders

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jun 28, 2018

How true would the statement be to claim that company leaders (CEO, CIO, CTO, CMO, CCO, VPs) are struggling to stay in the race with how their customers need to be communicated with? And how often does the race change? Every six months or so?

Would it be fair to state that a company's customers hold the power of driving communications with the company in their own hands thanks to the fast-paced consumerism of modern smartphones and technology? Consumer expectations have changed dramatically since 2017.

If you answered "yes" to these questions, you're right. You're right from a customer's point of view and you're right from the company leadership's point of view. But who has more power? It's always the customer. They can easily port their purchasing and spending power somewhere else at the click of a button. Consumerism itself promotes the interests of the consumer. They don't need to tap into you (the company). You (the company) need to tap into them.

How IT & Technology Are Controlling Your Company Growth

Consumerism of IT on business leaders is forcing IT web development says The Idea People in Charlotte.So who is influencing your customers to be so fickle and demanding? Why all of a sudden do your customers need access to their business accounts, past purchases, payment records, etc.?  Don't you email statements to your customers? And can't they call your customer service line? Isn't that enough?

Who ruined your customer relationships? Why can't your customers use your company website in the same way?

The consumerism of IT on company leadership is draining. It keeps company leaders and owners up at night. We hear all angles of the story time after time:Connecting your internal servers through IT web development to the website with The Idea People in Charlotte, NC.

Depending upon which side of the consumerism of IT you're on, it's either devastating or exhilarating. Local businesses and manufacturing companies need to embrace the consumerism of IT and web development to rise up and to meet their customers where they are and to satisfy their sophisticated technical needs.

So ask yourself, "are you doing enough to leverage technology and handle the informed consumer (your customer)?" If not, reach out to The Idea People by calling Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or emailing We will meet with you to discuss your problems, and more importantly, to help you plan a strategy for conquering the consumerism of IT as it applies to your company and your company leadership. Then we will implement the strategy and satisfy your customer's demands for access to their accounts. You make more money.

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