Customer Experience and Digital Transformation

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jan 03, 2019

What we are seeing with digital transformation is that customer experience (CX) is technically the foundation for the transformation. Every business wants to deliver the "Amazon Effect" and subsequent user experience to their own customer base. It sounds like that would be an easy and attainable tick on a CEO's checklist, but the depth of involvement across his/her company culture to make that happen is all of a sudden a daunting dilemma to most.

Let's remove the customer for a moment from the quest of transforming your customer experience (CX). Oh, wait. You can't! They are the biggest reason we're all here. Customers fuel the engine that runs your company. Nobody can remove the customers from the equation because they are always going to be the mathematical sum of every piece of digital transformation that you undertake.

Real Stumbling Blocks to CX Digital Transformation

So why does it make sense that the customer experience is the foundation for digital transformation inside any business? You probably thought that digital transformation was as easy as throwing more money at technology. [insert horrible buzzer noise] Well, that's not true transformation. That is more of a knee-jerk reaction.

Customers Run Digital Transformation Programs

  1. They vote with their wallet - we can't ignore that any customer can easily and quickly buy from a competitor. They're good at it, too. Nobody can throw a wrench in your business plans faster than a customer that sends you a RFP or starts to shop with a competitor because "it feels like shopping on Amazon." Does your internal culture speak to exceptional customer experiences?

    Does your company mission include customer experience?Improving CX customer experiences through digital transformation with DTA The Idea People in Charlotte, NC.
  2. They demand web technology platforms - just face it, we're all spoiled by how we shop, evaluate and purchase what we want from large technology platforms. Hold tight because this list may shock you, but these are everyday tech platforms that we all use:, Siri or 'Hey, Amazon,' Facebook or LinkedIn, music services, Reddit, and so many others. These platforms allow you to manage your account, shop and purchase items and interact with other individuals. Genius! How can your business join an existing platform or create your own? You have new and existing customers waiting for you.

    Is your physical product losing to product platforms?
  3. They need immediate access to customer service/support - how often have you become frustrated that you can't get answers or support from a business? It happens. Modern customers (whether manufacturing customers, food customers or any customer that is purchasing from your business) demand instant satisfaction and resolution. How are you offering that now? Are your phones staffed? Do you have chat support? Do you have an online knowledge bank? Do you have a community of customers? What is your customer experience strategy?

There has never been a more demanding time on every business to keep up with the frenetic pace of evolving technologies and "I must have it now" customer mentality. If you haven't felt this yet, it's because you're not in touch with where your industry and customer base are heading.

Our company can help you determine the best type of digital transformation strategy and program to take. We can also help you answer the "stumbling block" questions that we posted above.

We'll uncover your opportunities, suggest a marketplace correction, institute a genius strategy and integrate the technology and know-how to give you game-changing results. Call Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or email to schedule a private conversation about improving your business outcomes and keeping your customers as customers. Also, ask me about our internal financing probably will make digital transformation a reality for your success.

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