The Genius of Modern Content Marketing

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Apr 03, 2018
By Jay Joyce, president of The Idea People

If we're going to discuss the genius of modern content marketing, we need to give a nod to the outmoded (do you like that word?) scribes and communications of our early brethren from early Egypt and beyond. Those hieroglyphic scripts were content pieces that told the history and stories both relevant and important to their time.

The basic consistent elements of really good content marketing are the abilities to tell a story with correct fact, structure and emotion. We have been a believer of this structure since we began writing content in early 1994...for both online and offline uses. And we never wavered. Even when Google threw a Panda on the fire of SEO, our content strategy proved enduring and successful. So as we anticipate search engines indexing and delivering users "emotional" aspects of content, we're set and we're geared up to deliver exceptional results for our client base.

The Components of Really Good Content Marketing

  1. Correct Fact Story Telling - in no manner can we misrepresent the facts of the story, product or service. Genuine and conversational tone is the pace for delivering the truth about the content behind the marketing features and benefits of whatever is being presented. We write like we would tell somebody, with a nod toward using proper words that both users and search engines would engage.
    Content marketing and content story telling genius from search engine marketing pros at The Idea People in Charlotte NC.
  2. Structure of the Story - we have a "top secret" content story structure that is registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (oh, it's after April 1st). So readers and search engines like to read content that is assembled in a structured manner. Have you heard of structured content? It's been funny to watch the content marketing industry develop all of theses buzz words about best practices that have been around for 300 years. Things like story titles, opening paragraphs, quotes from story makers, bullet lists, relevant photos, internal links, external links, subsequent "H" tags, italics, bolded words, etc. are all the structured elements that humans and engines like to read.
  3. Emotion - well, it's about time we added the emotional part to the content equation! Why have content marketers been afraid to add emotional statements or thoughts to corporate or B2B content? The end users and readers are people who have emotions and become further engaged with emotion. We have always used emotion (when the client allows us!) as part of the content strategy and story. And the emotion doesn't need to be extreme laughter or tears. It can be feelings of accomplishment, pride or belonging. Really good content writers (and they are rare) understand how to connect to people through telling a story...first by speaking and second by writing.

Google indexes emotional content. And people make most of their decisions based on how they are feeling, plus emotional content is great for increasing brand strategy and brand loyalty.

To us here at TIP, it doesn't matter whether you're marketing widgets, professional services, B2B products or B2C home goods, emotions will help create an emotional bond that ordinary keywords and positioning statements could never touch.

So Where is the Genius?

Marketing genius with content marketing and digital marketing at The Idea People in Charlotte NC.The genius and magic is inside each of us. We can all learn the techniques and practices that help position our content in the right place for the right people. But it's the edge and the art of content writing that is the genius of modern content marketing. I've worked with people in the past that write content like they are plastic with absolutely no personality or individual style. And I've worked with people that couldn't write content or spell their way out of a wet paper bag. The one central item that was missing from them was the core passion, joy and magic of learning how to simply communicate, tell a story and write it down. Surprise an audience. Leave them on a cliff. Make them feel like they belong and feel special.

The genius of modern content marketing is simple. It's consistent understanding of knowing how to tell a story. It's the way you tell a story about what happened last night at dinner with your friends. Or it's the genius of how you recount a funny story of your clumsy friend on bowling night. It's effortless. It's genius.

If you can find this genius inside of yourself (by the way, we all have it), you can apply it to all aspects of marketing. We use this genius at TIP to embrace the modern and emerging technologies that are coming at all of us at breakneck speed. And we apply it to not only content marketing but social media, paid marketing, PPC, strategy, planning and ROI.

Please contact us at The Idea People to work with you and your marketing team at an advanced level for strategy and technique beyond social posts and simplistic AdWords campaigns. We make a difference for you with added bandwidth, professional depth and strategic skillsets that your marketing team may not have access to at this time. Please contact us at 704-398-4437 or email

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