The Greatest Web Design Tips of All Time

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - May 30, 2019

We challenged our web designers to create the greatest web design tips of all time to share their knowledge gleaned over 25+ years of professional web design experience. The results that they uncovered were not functionality tips, but rather insight tips to the world of designing a great website. They ranked the tips in order of what they felt were the most relative to web designers as an entity, not just their from own experiences.

One note of importance, there were no design "tricks" of the trade or "gimmicks" on the list. These results are genuine tips for creating a great web design.

The Greatest Web Design Tips of All Time

  1. Have a business and creative strategy. **Greatest tip of all time!** Modern web design requires a business strategy from the client and a creative strategy from your team. Websites should be designed with a purpose to accomplish business goals set forth by the client. No business will design a website "just because." We uncover their strategy and then we develop our creative strategy.
  2. Keep the design simple and modern. Visual complexity in web design is the largest mistake that designers make. And most of that stems from the client's vision of what their website should be. As designers, we have the responsibility to guide clients toward the best solution and to show them why. Simple design is faster to load, less complex, and when you stick with layout styles that users are accustomed to, bounces decline significantly and conversions increase. Resist the urge to build a garbage dump of
  3. Design above the fold. We value the creative space above the fold as the most precious place to present a clear, concise visual message. The goal is always to pull in the viewer with relevant imagery, highly engaging headlines and a major call to action. This transitions to mobile in the best way. Scrolling is ok! We think scrolling is better than clicking.
  4. Design for fast loading times. This falls under the technical web design heading, but building beautiful and effective sites that are speed efficient will gain points from users and search engines. Download speed is a significant factor and we design for it. All clients despise hearing that their website takes "too long to download." It means that bounce rates are on the rise.
  5. Design page layouts to how people scan pages with their eyes. Where do your eyes go when a web page loads? They move from the top left (logo and beginning of primary navigation), across the top of the page (navigation and main image/headline), then down the page. We believe that website design has always been about pleasing a user's eyes, from a page architecture to visual cues. People "read" a web page just like they read a book. Dynamite tip!

Of course, there are hundreds of web design tips on the web. But we think these are the greatest web design tips of all time because they are basics for building a truly engaging and memorable user experience for your client's customers, employees and vendors.

At TIP, we only design 100% custom websites, just like a finely-tailored suit or outfit. So much competition on the web demands more than a template. Enough said on that.

For more information about our 100% custom web design, please contact Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or email Together, we can craft a web presence that helps your company stand apart from competitors and attract the right audience.

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