The Idea People is Launching a New Website!

by Bill McCown - Jun 02, 2015

A website isn’t just a website. It’s your brand’s first impression. It’s how your customers connect. It’s how you are perceived in the digital world. A website is an expression of the core values of your company. And that’s why we’re proud to announce the completely redesigned site for The Idea People.

The Idea People is a web, software and marketing agency that has been in business for 21 years. In that time we’ve seen everything from dial-up to wearable technology, and have worked to remain on the cutting edge of the technology world. That’s why we’ve completely redesigned our brand from the bottom up. Our talented team of in-house designers & developers were given free reign to creatively express our values in the form of new logos, innovative web design work, and an edgier brand identity.

We are The Idea People, which means we love new ideas. We embrace the latest and greatest. We’re not afraid to innovate. That’s why our new site is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. From parallax scrolling to jaw-dropping use of responsive scalability The Idea People’s site is on the cutting edge of design.

Gone are the days when websites were walls of text. Users want visual engagement through images and video. Our talented video production team filmed and edited new video content to show rather than tell our story and office culture. The result is a visually dynamic and overall fresher feel to reflect our new brand identity. The process has been a fun and challenging one for our in-house team of creative designers, developers and content writers. One of the greatest challenges we have faced is being able to toot our own horn! It's difficult to write about yourself in the best of times, and even harder when you're an innovative digital agency with two decades of experience.

Throughout the process our team has collaborated to create a finished product that will be like nothing ever seen before. When great minds think alike, great things happen. And at The Idea People we have some great minds! We are launching our new website soon, so stay tuned for more details! If you’d like The Idea People to design your website, contact for more information!

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