What TIP Sees in 2019 Web Design Trends

by Bill McCown - Nov 25, 2018

We have been asked on several client projects lately what we see as web design trends for 2019.

Darrell Moore, creative direction and partner with The Idea People in Charlotte, NC.

It's a great question, and although the answer can be somewhat subjective, we're answering the question with facts and web design trends that we see for B2B and B2C sites.

We have a responsibility to our web design clients to build them a website that has the functionality they need and also includes the creative brand vision that best represents their mission. My goal with each client is to first fully understand their business goals and direction, then we can move toward how they need their customers to interact with the new website and creatively what that looks like.

Top 2019 Web Design Trends (From Our Viewpoint)

Web Design Trend #1 - Keep the redesign clean, simple and totally brand relevant. We all know that the website is the total destination for business-related commerce and interactivity. Something that isn’t going to look dated in 3 years. Design that is classy and professional and allows site elements like case studies be the shiny nuggets on the site, not heavy design elements. A clean and simple design structure.

Web Design Trend #2 - Typography, photography and motion will never be out of style. Website users appreciate unique design elements that capture their attention under the magic 2 seconds when they land. Beautiful typography and font collections drive a feeling and brand image that users like. Custom photography and motion animation are elements that drive engagement and longer times spent on the site. Of course, this means that more people can follow sales funnels and engagement points from the client's business plan.

Web design trends for 2019 from The Idea People in Charlotte, NC.

Web Design Trend #3 - If you charge a premium price for your brand, act like a premium price. We have always believed that we are designing websites that set a stage for users to judge, make a decision and then act...all under 2 seconds! But if you are serious about setting your brand apart from "the other cheap guys" on the web, then you have to talk the talk and walk the walk. Perception of your brand is set from your website. Are you cheap, are you an "also," or are you building an online brand that has distinctive values that competitors don't have? Ok, that was a mind-blowing sentence. But it's true.

Web Design Trend #4 - Become a digital brand to drive new users and sales. Consistent digital branding across your website and digital channels can account for 95% of a customer's feeling and thoughts about your brand. Evolving your brand into a digital brand can add new depth and attachment that is driven by your customers. I think this is very serious, and on the creative side, we are 100% committed to developing digital brands that spread backward across a company and their products or services. Mobile first, then web, then offline.

Web Design Trend #5 - Speaking of mobile, new sites should be driven by mobile first design. If you look at your site analytics, it probably will tell you that more than 50% of your site visitors are accessing it with their smartphone. Responsive design is ok, but it's not everything that it was a few years ago. Google, for example, is indexing mobile sites differently with a larger focus on user functionality. Even Google Ads are optimized for PPC layout and response from smartphones. I've heard many web design influencers mention that "we are in a mobile-first economy," and we believe everything about that.

2019 web design trends include custom photography from The Idea People in Charlotte.

Web design trends can go so many different ways but our agency really has the experience to guide clients toward the best 100% custom solution. We believe in creating great digital branding for our web clients and then collaboratively integrating necessary elements into the website, as long as those elements don’t overtake the important things—like getting your services across to your prospects, engaging web users with the most essential creative trends and building key decision points that lead your site's users toward desired actions.

Did I mention that everything we do is 100% custom? This is the premium, showcasing method to build an online platform that is totally in tune with your branding and your goals for conducting business online.

Please contact us here at The Idea People when you need a serious, custom web design that includes some of the most relative design trends, but is really focused on building your business a personalized web platform. Call us at 704-398-4437 or email Jay Joyce at jay@theideapeople.com.

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