TIP Launches UpROAR Leadership Academy Website

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Aug 12, 2016

The Idea People have launched the new website for UpROAR Leadership Academy, a charter school in Charlotte, North Carolina that will provide a military tradition for young men and women in grades 5th-12th beginning in 2017. "Our mission with partnering with UpROAR Leadership Academy was to provide a complete digital asset for the Academy to promote their new charter and to build a home on the Internet for the school's community to build," said Jay Joyce with The Idea People.

The UpROAR Leadership Academy mission is to develop leaders of tomorrow within a structured quasi-military environment; focused on character development, high academic standards and post-secondary readiness.

"The emphasis on the brand design is the 'roar' of the mascot tiger," added Joyce. "The initial website design features the UpROAR school colors and serves as a landing destination for the community to gather information as the school begins construction."

UpROAR Academy web design by The Idea People in Charlotte.
UpROAR Leadership Academy features seven core components: Accelerated Academics, Vocational Skills, Life Skills, Healthy Living, Physical Fitness, Community Service, and Productive Citizenship.

Participation in physical fitness in an integral part of a healthy day. At 1630 each day, our campus is transformed into an Olympic Center. Every cadet is involved in some sort of physical fitness training every day. Cadets at UpROAR Leadership Academy have many activities to choose from such as: Interscholastic Athletics, Strength and Conditioning, and Physical Training. Our goal is to provide the most fun, rewarding, and inclusive experience possible for all of our cadets.

"We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting new charter school here in Charlotte," said Joyce. "As the school takes root in the community, we will be using the website and digital marketing tools to build a vital stream of information and collaboration with parents, students and community members. And it's exciting to have The Idea People build this digital entity."

The Idea People can be reached at 704-398-4437 or ideas@theideapeople.com. We are proud of our commitment to community service and we thrive in volunteering our resources to help our community grow.

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