Top 3 Web Development Software Predictions For 2020

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Dec 03, 2019

We all remember Y2K, right? It was about gloom and doom, expensive audits and fear of the unknown. But as we look at 2020, we can't help but feel excited and thrilled about where the state of technology lies and how the world of business is poised to embrace this emerging tech. So there is no fear about Y2K2K. See, it's weird.

Our web development software predictions for 2020 are tied specifically to what we are seeing in the client demands around the southeast. These demands stem from software work within platforms or applications like:

Digital transformation in many formats is the key driving factor behind clients needing to transform their business processes by leveraging web development software to streamline processes and offer better-performing options for their customers. Use of these flourishing technologies can help pave a solid and rewarding road for your company.

Top 3 Web Development Software Predictions for 2020 from TIP

  1. Growth of Python/Django Programming language - our web developers like Python because it is highly productive as compared to other programming languages like C++ and Java. Many of our client software projects make Python a great option, including projects that require data science, AI and machine learning, web development and IoT.

    The Idea People software company in Charlotte compiles the Top 3 2020 software predictions.
    (TIP Tech lead Josh Winn, at right, discusses project specs with front end dev Marty Helmick, at left)
  2. Developing for the Experience Economy - we see web software development bringing more emphasis on creating actual experiences over physical things. Customers want their cake, but now they want to eat it, too! How can we design software to help create a unique customer experience beyond the physical products that you sell? What type of service product features can we develop that over deliver an experience that your competitors can't touch? This is the new Experience Economy.
  3. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) - we've touted this for several years. The PWA feels like a native app but it runs in the web browser. Clients like it because the cost is less and the development timeline is faster. Users like it because loads faster and interacts at a higher security level.

These are our predictions from working with clients from our perspective. We'll share a bonus prediction for 2020:

Bonus Prediction for 2020

2020 will be another great year for technology and business advances. Please call Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or email to talk about how our web development software engineers and programs can help your business realize your vision and that you're built to get there.

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