Top 3 WordPress 4.2 Changes

by Bill McCown - Apr 30, 2015

WordPress is a powerful platform for creating and updating content for websites. At The Idea People, we develop using theWordPress engine for clients everyday. So, when WordPress updates its software our clients are the first to benefit!

The first WordPress update of 2015 was just released this week. WordPress 4.2 features changes under the hood to improve usability on mobile devices, make theme customization easier, and streamline processes for developers. Visit the WordPress site for the full list of changes.

Here are the Top 3 WordPress changes we’re most excited about here at The Idea People:

Revamped “Press This” Tool

The new “Press This” bookmarklet makes sharing content to your website easier than ever. Find a hilarious viral video while surfing the web? One click of the “Press This” button on your browser bar or mobile home-screen is all it takes to publish content to your website.

Faster Plugin Updates

Plugins are what makes the WordPress platform so powerful – everything from picture galleries to comment sections are based on plugins. Some websites have dozens of plugins, which are constantly being updated. WordPress 4.2 allows developers to update plugins quickly and simply without having to endure a laborious loading screen. If you’re tired of spending a whole day updating an old sites plugins – rejoice!

New Character Support (Including Emoji!) Wordpress emoji support The Idea People

WordPress 4.2 has broadened its global presence by including native support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters. While they were at it, they also added native support for musical notation, mathematical symbols and, yes, even emojis! This change allows WordPress users to communicate in more varied and interesting ways than ever before.

These changes to WordPress are just the latest of many technological advances that The Idea People have been adapting to for the past two decades. Staying cutting edge is our passion and helping clients is our mission. To learn more about web design and advanced WordPress development, please contact Jay Joyce with The Idea People at or call 704-398-4437.

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