Top Needs for Exceptional Front End Web Development

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Aug 01, 2019

Our front end web development team builds the front-facing technology of a website...they make our web designer's creativity come to life in a browser. Front end development is an art form and a mastery of software + creativity to build web products that capture the magic of a company's brand, product or service. These front ends are web software rock stars!

The process that our front end development team deploys to build websites is a true end-to-end software collaboration that uses a special set of skill and innovation to create exceptional online customer experiences for our clients.

3 Front End Web Development Exceptional Practices

  1. It's all about online customer experience - our dev team works closely with our design team to build the front end of a web product to deliver the creative impact and customer journey needed from the client expectations. Our devs are concerned with how their front-end build makes users feel and how comfortable they are with using the key points on the customer journey. The #1 rule in front end development is that the User is Always Right.Front end web development agency TIP Digital in Charlotte NC.
  2. Modern web browser experts - all of the code that our front end devs write operate inside the web browser, so a deep understanding of how web browsers are evolving and how they process HTML and CSS is vital. For all user-facing web products, we draw a virtual "line in the sand" for how far back in browser versions the new product will support. Most users will update (or their browser automatically updates) their device browser. And depending on the unique creative functionality or site user requirements from the client, our front end team determines which version(s) of web browsers will support the mission.
  3. Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. - most of our client web projects require a mobile-first strategy. So our front end developers are highly skilled in building the designs and functionality to scale effectively on any size device. Beautiful and smooth responsive designs and functionality are hallmarks of exceptional front end developers. An element that we have been working with is the strategy of "transitional device journeys" where customers begin a journey on one device and continue it on several others. So consistent functionality and experience is the job of our front end team.

Our front end teams are skilled in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Git, WebGL and animation. These advanced practices bring so much impact to our client web projects, and their customers are the ultimate judges based on tremendous user acceptance and conversions.

TIP has an extremely deep front end web software talent bench. We like challenging UI/UX, WebGL, customer journey and CSS web projects. Contact Jay Joyce at or call 704-398-4437 to talk about your special web software and build needs.

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