Why Update the Company Website for 2019

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Oct 09, 2018

Why update the company website for 2019? This is one of the biggest questions we get when we talk with clients about updating their company website. Can you hear the responses now?

There's a myriad of other choice comments, but you get the gist of the reasons why companies and brands do not want to tackle another refresh or update of the company website. More often than not, it was a previous bad experience that strikes fear into their hearts about going through the process again. But there are way more benefits and perks to keeping your website fresh and updated than not. And that is our mission with this post.

Updating the Company Website - 5 Reasons to Do It for 2019

Update the company website with Charlotte NC web design company The Idea People.

  1. Keep it fresh and relevant - visually appealing and creatively engaging only helps your brand attract eyes and customers. Experienced web design companies like The Idea People practice only the most relevant creative design practices and techniques based exclusively for your industry and customer base. It's 100% researched and custom to you. Also consider trimming down the site navigation so it's easy to use on smartphones.
  2. Cut out the stock photos - let's do custom photography and create the vision of your brand and company (not the vision of some crazy group of stock people on every other site!) Our design team is also professional photographers so we can capture the photogenic components of your company that will positively impact the objectives of your website update.
  3. Move content up front and make it personal - there's no need for generic content and loads of boring features and benefits. We have a professional content team that writes attention-grabbing content to motivate and steer website visitors toward desired actions. Turn up the content burners in 2019! Personalize and make it relevant. Also make it L O C A L if you can. And the requirements for optimized content (SEO) is critical here.
  4. Upgrade the site technology - update the security of your website. Modern coding and web technology is more secure than older platforms. Also look at website loading speeds. Optimize images and page graphics. Make sure the responsive graphics download quickly for smartphones and tablets. Move away from low-end hosting sites and move to AWS (Amazon Web Services). Find a professional and experienced web partner like The Idea People that you can trust 100% to be with you longterm to manage your digital channels and assets.
  5. Make the website part of your business strategy - we hear some prospects tell us that the website doesn't need to sell anything or generate any leads. "The website is there only to support our offline sales people," says Ms. Prospect. Ok, next?!  The company website is the best 24/7 sales and marketing employee a company has. Equip it to work non-stop. Arm it to help new prospects find what they need to become a qualified prospect. Build a dang conversion path to send leads to the sales team! Website company updates and upgrades with The Idea People website design in Charlotte NC.

So many companies "set and forget" the company website until somebody says that we should probably update it because it's been offline for a few months. People, please! Treat the company website like your best sales and marketing team member. Refresh it. Update it. Feed it new content. Upload new photos. Add a new page. Write a new blog. Google is looking for fresh content and so are your customers.

Push through the excuses for not updating your company website with new website design ideas. Contact us here at The Idea People at 704-398-4437 or email Jay Joyce at jay@theideapeople.com to schedule a time to talk about updating your company website. We can already see 5 things that need some improvement.

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