UX Design: Our Designer’s Take on Adobe Experience CC

by Bill McCown - Mar 23, 2016

Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator have been used for UX design for a few years, but with the emergence of Sketch, the software developer has responded with Adobe Experience Design (AX.) The BETA version has been released for designers to test and provide feedback.

AX allows UX designers to wireframe design, test and prototype websites or applications. The AX UI is extremely basic and all of the features haven’t been implemented, but they plan on releasing more features and functionality with frequent updates.

Our senior designer, Darrell Moore, spent a few days using AX and we asked him his opinion on his experience with the new software:

TIP: What is the best part about Adobe Experience?

Darrell: “The repeat grid feature – it’s basically smart duplication. If I make a change to the original item, it applies the same settings to the duplicated items. It saves a lot of time.”

How is it different to using PhotoShop or Sketch?

“I don’t think it’s in competition with either at this point because it’s only in beta. But, once they release new functionality, I’ll be more able to answer that question. As it is right now, I’d say it’s more like Illustrator plus prototyping.”

What could be improved about AX?

“A lot at this point. They’re introducing basic features right now, but they are planning on adding more features as time goes on.”

Why should clients be excited about AX?

“AX allows us to share a prototype on the fly, which is pretty cool. When I start a project, I can send them (our clients) a link to the prototype and they can do user testing and QA on the site. They can give feedback on the site as well.

The best part is automatic prototype updating; when I make a change to the file, it updates the prototype automatically.”

What does prototyping do for clients?

“It helps them visualize the project before any real heavy lifting begins. They can decide if they like the basic layout of the site or application before any of the design work is started. Basically, it helps get everyone on the same page and saves time!”

How easy does AX make designing for desktop & responsive?

“They have starter template for each platform (iOS, Android, desktop sizes, etc.) but it’s nothing groundbreaking.”

Is there anything else you want to mention about AX?

“LET ME FIX MY LINE HEIGHT! [laughing] but, I’m sure they’re fixing that. We’ll definitely be waiting for more updates and we'll test it out on some in-house projects before we use it on any client work. It’s a good tool and I’m excited to see where it goes in the future!”

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