Video Marketing: The Best Way to Capture the Zero Moment of Truth

by Bill McCown - Mar 04, 2016

Zero-MomentNo, “Zero Moment of Truth” isn’t the name of the next James Bond film; it’s Google’s term for the point in the buying cycle that a consumer researches a product prior to purchasing it. After gaining awareness of a product, this is the most important step for the seller to capitalize on.

How Can Marketers Prepare for The Zero Moment of Truth

“Preparing for the ZMOT should not drastically change your overall marketing strategy,” said Jay Joyce, President of the Idea People. “Proper implementation of the inbound methodology will naturally allow you to convert during the zero moment of truth.”

Businesses must place focus on the following three things:

1) Understand Your Customers Micro-Moments

A micro-moment is the point in time that a customer is in need of something and they are searching for a solution. The way you approach these micro-moments will change on a case-by-case basis: What search terms are they likely to use? Is the customer’s need urgent or will they shop over the course of weeks? Is it a big purchase or can it be bought without thinking twice? Etc.

2) Allow Your Content to be Found

Because you understand your consumer’s “micro-moment,” you will have a better idea of what they will be searching for and they term they would tend to use. Optimize everything an be sure all of your content is optimized for mobile

3) Make Sure Your Content can Close the Deal

Your content should be capable of influencing a buyer’s decision. Produce content that will tip the scale in your favor when it comes time for the consumer to pull the trigger. Focus on reviews, case studies, customer testimonials, buying guides, etc.

Use Video to Supplement Written Content

A zero moment of truth can come from a blog, case study or testimonial, but the most effective piece of content comes in the form of video because:

It Most Effectively Controls the Message

Video marketing allows you to control the tone of the message and impart an emotional response from the consumer.

It Makes the Message Easily Digestible

When you consider the small window of time a consumer will allow you to make your case, brevity is key. With video, you can present the problem that needs solving, introduce the solution that your business provides and show the product or service in action – all in two minutes or less.

It Shows up at the Top of Google Results

YouTube is your best friend for optimizing your video content. Google owns YouTube and automatically places several pieces of related video content at the top of their search results.

Need an Example?

Something as simple as an overview video can go a long way toward influencing a buyer’s decision. Our client, Sherlok, offers service-based businesses an easy all-in-one solution for turning their operations completely digital. The goal of Sherlok is to remove paperwork from the owner’s life and allow everything to run smoothly from an iPad.

We created a video (only about one minute long) that allows potential customers to understand the problems small business owners face and see exactly how Sherlok can help.

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