Video Production Fuels Digital Marketing

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jul 30, 2015

Digital marketing companies are squawking about the virtues of video production as new information surfaces about the importance of video content. "It amazes us that 'digital marketing companies' are just now touting the value of mixing in video production as an equal element to content writing," says Jay Joyce with The Idea People. "We don't want to shock or surprise them, but video has always been an important mix to content marketing."

How Video Production Makes Great Marketing Content:

1. Let me believe in you. "Video adds instant credibility factors to a brand's content stream," adds Joyce. "We tell our clients that really good video production will help convey confidence and overall believability in the story that a brand is telling its customers."

2. Show me, don't tell me. "Written content is a critical component of how we tell a brand's story to a targeted audience," says Joyce. "Video allows us to show the user the product or service life points in a creative and entertaining manner that enhances the impact of written content."

3. Entertain me. "We design our client websites to have visitor funnels and conversion points where visitors can turn into actual prospects," said Darrell Moore, senior visual designer at The Idea People. "Video content has always been the one-page design element that users can immediately interact with and spend more than 10 seconds on a page. Then the sales or marketing funnel that we have designed helps to carry the user toward a conversion point, following our 'breadcrumb trail' of creative design and user interaction."

4. Make it easy to share. Beyond funny cat memes, social media audiences quickly and easily share video content with their social streams as well as their friend's streams. "Video production can easily become the most viewed and shared piece of content in any brand's digital marketing effort," adds Joyce. "We create unique and creative visual stories that evoke emotion and cause viewers to share the video with their networks."

5. Make it special and cinematic. "It's no secret that audiences will watch, share and watch again a video that is unique, creative and tells an interesting story," says Joyce. "Video is so easily consumed on desktops, tablets and smartphones in a manner that has never been seen prior to this year. Better mobile connections and well-designed technology features inside the smartphone make video so easy to watch."

Here at The Idea People, we have a two-person video production team that creates unique visual stories filled with interesting content, visually exciting production techniques and crisply produced audio tracks. Video production should be an integral component of your brand's overall digital marketing strategy. Call us at 704-398-4437 to learn more.

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