Vision is the Real Key to Successful Marketing

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - May 16, 2018

Just about every person in marketing is asked at one point or another, "what is the key to successful marketing?" And more often than not, the person responds with a list of skillsets and tools. "Oh, having a grasp and expert level understanding of social media trends and PPC AdWords tools is the key to successful digital marketing," says one marketing person. "Well, I think that knowing how to write really good content that tells a story about the new product that we launched is the real key to having our customers engage and read about the features and benefits. If they read it, they'll buy it!" proclaims another marketer.

But who is right? Maybe they both are in their particular instance, especially if they are marketing with blinders on.

Is successful marketing about execution or is it more about strategy, research or planning? Or does the success really come from something much larger? What about vision? Does vision trump everything when it comes to really successful marketing?

Marketing vision and marketing strategy with The Idea People in Charlotte.

Who Cares About Vision In Marketing?

The simple truth is that we all should care about vision in marketing. Without a clear marketing vision, no strategy will save you. No amount of digital or social media savvy will pull you out of the ringer. Without vision, you're pretty much lost without a map, compass, GPS or Google anything.

So who is in charge of the vision in the client's marketing plan? Is it the client or is it you as a marketer? What if the client has no vision or is too busy to see the vision? What if you don't know the vision? What if you're too busy thinking about a creative treatment or idea [or what to cook for dinner] and you miss the vision all together? It happens more often than not.

How Do I Notice Vision in Marketing?

  1. Your marketing vision is the "what" on how you need to think, not the "how" or "why." So think as big as you need to think. "We're going to be the most successful web, software and marketing agency in the Carolinas."Marketing vision guides you to what you want to be with help from The Idea People in Charlotte.
  2. Scratch out a vision statement. Write down what we are going to be. Focus on the what over the how. Remember, we're talking about vision and not strategy right now. This is big picture. This can scare the pants off people, but somebody has to speak up and tell us where we are going. "We are the go-to web technology and marketing agency in the southeastern United States."
  3. "But how will you make this work?" people will ask. We're not covering that now. We're talking about vision. And vision doesn't happen overnight. Vision is all about what we are going to be. We'll develop the strategy and the how to later.
  4. What does the vision look like in marketing? Vision in marketing is expressed in positioning and story elements. Vision is the dominant theme or concept. It's not a feature or benefit. You'll easily recognize vision because it leaps from a page or site and guides you into the story. It's the big statement that separates a client from everybody else. Once you have the vision, you can then dive down to strategy and execution.

How Do I Develop Marketing Vision?

Stop being afraid to envision what a client can be [or what you can be]. If you sit in meetings and think about other things besides your career or why you're there to help your client, you'll never develop vision. You have to participate and look past what is in front of you. Look past the obvious. Look past the noise. Look over the social media and the SEO junk. What can your client be? What can you be? That's where the magic is. That is where the 10% genius is and where you can leave behind the 90% "junk" in competitors.

The marketing vision is over there by itself. It's hanging out waiting for somebody with some passion and spirit to yank it in and embrace it. Stand up and look over the noise and stuff. Wipe the inexperience and zero-risk-taking fear from your eyes.

Marketing vision requires creativity, foresight, stamina, boldness, game, nerves, attitude and courage. It requires 11.7765% more than you do now. The bare minimum effort won't work. Help the client [help the person] find the vision of what they want to be as a brand or a product or service. It's your job as a marketer. Heck, become a Vision Marketer. A CVO [Chief Vision Officer]. There, I just gave you a $2 million title. Now do something with it or you'll look stupid with a title and no skill to back it up. Learn how to look past the obvious and into a vision.

If you need professional marketing vision, please call us here at The Idea People at 704-398-4437 or email We can help you see what you want to be and then help you build strategies and paths to get there.

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