Voice Search is Affecting Digital Marketing

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Mar 02, 2018

You've probably thought, however fleeting, while you're asking Alexa dirty questions, how does she deliver such relevant results back to you so quickly? How does Alexa know the answer to, "who has the best pepperoni deep dish pizza near me?" And, "what is the closest movie theater that has tickets to see Black Panther?"

The effect of voice search on digital marketing is shaping how digital marketers frame keyword phrases on behalf of brands fighting for their unfair share of top organic search results. "Whether we're all asking Siri, Google Home or Alexa, the voice search is becoming a natural and easy way for us to search for the single best result to be delivered back to us in a conversational exchange," says Jay Joyce with The Idea People. "Voice search keyword phrases are longer in nature because we verbally ask people in longer form questions than we type into a computer. Voice search will definitely impact the digital marketing world."

What is Voice Search Exactly?

In the simplest form, voice search is a spoken phrase entered through a search engine (or device's) application instead of being typed into a web browser. The spoken phrase is delivered by the user and then the application returns a spoken result. The result is the most relevant result that the search engine can deliver back to the user.

"We take for granted the voice searches that we have been doing for quite some time," says Joyce. "Take for example when we use Google Maps and we tell Google to take us to an address or a point of interest. Or we tell our phone to call or text a contact. That is voice search, too."Voice search agency digital marketing The Idea People in Charlotte, NC.

How is Voice Search Affecting Digital Marketing?

The power of ranking on page one can fuel unbelievable levels of sales or influence. The difference of ranking on page one versus page two could be success or "you're who?"

Now take into account that the critical difference of ranking on page one in the top position is now the ultimate piece of power for not only revenue explosions but category dominance, industry control and possible competitive extinction.

"The search engines know how important voice search is for their devices, their technologies and their advertisers," added Joyce. "The race is on for voice search to deliver the most relevant results to users in the fastest and most convenient way possible. There is no second place in voice search."

  1. Google is getting better at understanding what we want. This is also called the semantic search. Google is using your device's location and previous search history to help deliver highly relevant search results, rather than giving you pictures of pet goldfish when you really want "Goldfish" crackers.
  2. Voice search content is geared toward local searches. "This makes really good sense as a digital marketer," says Joyce. "If I don't want to know the age of Betty White, I do want to know how late my dry cleaners are open or how far it is to the nearest hipster brewery."
  3. Voice search forces a mobile specific website. No ifs, ands or buts. If any brand or business wants to play in the voice search universe, they need to have a mobile specific website. "The biggest reason by far is that voice search is being used most while people are driving," added Joyce.
  4. We all want Position Zero. Featured snippets have been the rage for a few years. Voice search ratchets up the digital marketing equation by almost requiring the voice search contents to be the ultimate Position Zero search result because only one voice search result can be delivered.
  5. Embrace the love for voice search in digital marketing. Face it, voice search will only grow from here. "There are already so many devices that have voice search capability," said Joyce. "From Apple to Google to Microsoft to Amazon, they are all in it to win it."

The Idea People can help your local digital marketing program with custom content generation, social media development, paid search marketing, local search and voice search. Everything we do in digital marketing is 100% customized per client. "And we assign one of our experienced chief digital strategists to permanently work with you and your account so you have a dedicated individual that coordinates and manages your digital activities," said Joyce.

Call us at 704-398-4437 or email jay@theideapeople.com to discuss your company's unique digital marketing and content marketing program needs. We'll begin with strategy and work with you through implementation and ROI.

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