How a Voice Search Agency Can Optimize Your Content

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - May 05, 2018

If you're not talking about voice search in your office digital marketing meetings or with your C-Suite, get with the program before they ask you about it! "Voice search is an amazing breakthrough search tool for small and local businesses that Google has embraced 100%," says Jay Joyce with The Idea People, a leader in local voice search research and strategy in Charlotte. "Alexa, Echo, Siri, Google Home and Cortana are magically evolving local search results with the sound of millions of voices looking for instant answers and input."

Optimizing Local Content with Voice Search: Voice Search SEO

For years, most digital marketing agencies have been quietly stuffing websites and blogs with keyword phrases, tags and metas with small and long combinations of words to coax Google to reward a site with higher search results. What is the new fad or trick that somebody found on the web? How can new keyword phrases rank higher if we add more inbound links?

"We love that our digital marketing competitors live on the edge of fads and trends of the moment," said Joyce. "Since search engines debuted in the 1990's, we have always believed in writing and delivering relevant content for users with a nod toward proper optimization. And that is how we have consistently earned higher rankings for our own agency and our content marketing clients. There are no tricks or shortcuts."

So here comes voice search SEO. What do we do now! "We are already prepared to deliver dynamic and proper content for voice search queries because of the manner and strategy in the way that we produce content on behalf of our clients," said Joyce. "We write for longevity, shelf life and relevance...not quick hits and quick burn. Sure and steady wins the race for optimization every single time."

It's the same strategy for optimizing local content with voice search. With more than 65% of local searches now performed on a mobile device, users find it easier to speak into their device rather than hunt and peck to try and type in a long tail search query. Check out these two very short voice search demos.

Voice search is typically mobile and more than often locally focused.

And voice search queries are longer than text keyword searched queries.

"So optimizing local content with voice search SEO requires a smart strategy with a purely local intent," added Joyce. "For example, we provide digital marketing services for a national garage door company and we now have a national SEO strategy with a separate local SEO and voice search strategy for each local city market."

Our Local Voice Search SEO Focal Points

"Using a professional digital marketing agency with depth and bench strength [i.e., not new or a spin off] like The Idea People will give you a smoother strategy and implementation into voice search SEO and optimization," said Joyce. "Otherwise you're going to be answering to competitors and the C-Suite as to why you're not ranking when they ask Siri what the best local paint store is."

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