Wearables and the Future of Responsive Design

by Bill McCown - May 14, 2015

Wearable technology is all the rage in trendy tech circles. The Apple Watch, Moto 360, Pebble and other smart watches once thought to be the stuff of science fiction have made real inroads into the consumer market. With screens shrinking and consumers demanding more mobile friendly products – what does this mean for web designers and developers?

Responsive Design

Now more than ever responsive design is crucial for building a scalable web presence. These days a website needs to be equally beautiful and useful on the screens of desktop, laptop, mobile, tablets and wearables.

Gone are the days of big bulky websites populated by tables and frames or primitive hacks like building a different website for each screen size. Now with advances in HTML 5 and CSS, designers and developers can create one site that changes naturally no matter what device is accessing it.

These developments allow web developers using responsive designs to have their work easily comport to the shrinking screens of wearables and other future tech.

Future of App Design

Mobile applications were a breakthrough when they were introduced on mobile platforms, and now they are ubiquitous and seamless parts of everyday life. Since mobile devices are such new technologies, their potential usefulness is still being discovered, and the space for creativity is blossoming. Wearables and smart watches will extend the trend of niche apps – and create headaches for app developers.

However, the increasing number of platforms that developers need to accommodate is also a blessing in disguise. Much like web designers, app developers will need to be able to create products that perform well on a variety of different-sized screens and computing backend capabilities.

Mobile-First Design

When thinking in this way, many developers at The Idea People choose to work “mobile-first” or starting with small, responsive designs and scaling upward. The thought is that if you can design an app or a website look good on a tiny Apple Watch screen, then it will still look visually dynamic on a bigger screen as well. This is the future of design, and that is what we practice here at The Idea People.

Screens are shrinking, and mobile technology is infiltrating more and more aspects of our lives. This makes competent, creative and stylish responsive design more important than ever. Technology isn’t just something you do for work, it’s something that enriches your life and serves a multitude of purposes. This is the future forward view The Idea People takes with our clients and our services. And it works.

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