What Web Design & Web Development Have in Common with Craft Beer

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Aug 16, 2018

So this is a fun writing assignment. A small conversation blossoms into a metaphor of comparing the craft beer business to the web design and development business. How could anything possibly veer out of control, right? I mean, after all, one fuels the other, right? You certainly can't have one without the other...or should you?

First and foremost, both have grown into specialized niche businesses with specialties and quirky people. So we have that in common right from the start. If you're keeping a checklist, go ahead and mark that one off.

The Web Design & Craft Beer Business Models

  1. Both business models are in a business boom - we'll give an immediate edge to the web design business because we've been in it for almost 25 years and we've seen the business now in it's 3rd boom. And certainly the craft beer business is in its initial business boom. Really you could say that craft beer is in a revolution of sorts. Craft beer operators shun the "status quo" of traditional corporate beer and push to create their own specialty brands and brews that are unique to their specialty cultures and lifestyles. Similar to web design houses. Web design houses/shops/agencies are focusing on specialties now rather than being generalists. You can say that about craft beer brands and breweries, too. Unique tastes and skillsets attract curious masses that grow tired of corporate and mass appeal "so what" offerings. BOOM! Web design and craft beer for the win. (below, TIP team members research for this post.)Charlotte web design company The Idea People drink craft beer at an agency meeting.
  2. Web design and craft beer businesses are creative, relevant and agile - both business models rely on creative ideas to birth new processes, brand names, product offerings and customer solutions. We in the web design business model receive immense joy from learning and sharing the latest trends and techniques to remain relevant to our clients. And the craft beer industry reinvents itself with new products and cultures that directly respond to political and environmental shifts that keep them highly relevant with their customers. Both business models are flexible enough to turn immediately in response to customer demand or upcoming trends and it drives stronger customer loyalty and repeat business for both sides.  This also keeps us riding the BOOM! for longer periods of time.
  3. We're fans and consumers of each other's products - we would imagine that you can walk into just about any craft brewery and you'll find at least one web designer or web developer. And every craft brewery has a web designer, web developer or digital marketing company as a trusted partner. That's why we stated earlier in this post that you certainly can't have one without the other. Other than the similar business models, we think the cultures and lifestyles are similar, too. Both entities want to produce the best product (work) possible under the best conditions with the best equipment. We won't rush it. Good product takes time. But when it's ready, boy is it ready!

Both the web design company and the craft beer company focus on craftsmanship. Pride in craftsmanship. It takes skills, practice and Web design and web development companies like The Idea People in Charlotte compare to craft beer company models.experience to be a master and expert in both. The real pros worry, fret and stress about the finished products. How will the customers judge us? How can we make it better? How can we do this uniquely different from our competitors? And how do we get the word out to more of our customers? The two business models are so uniquely similar that they could so easily coexist in the same building! We've been trying out some new names for our combination web design/craft brewery:

Anyway, we'll just stick with our web design and web development. We do it really well and that's why our clients like us. And we'll leave the craft beer business to our friends who do that real well.

If you would like to have our friendly experts meet with you about web design and web development projects, please contact our head brewmaster Jay Joyce at jay@theideapeople.com or call 704-398-4437.

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