Kensington Capital Advisors: Web Design & UX

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jul 21, 2015

At The Idea People, we build digital presences with an optimal viewing experience in mind that spans any screen size and device. We recently completed work on a new responsive website for Kensington Capital Advisors, a Charlotte-based independent financial advisory firm specializing in the analysis, structuring and execution of derivative products and structured financing solutions.

Kensington’s professionals command over 110 years total experience, including over 80 years of combined prior experience on major derivatives trading platforms. Kensington's previous website was from [pause for dramatic effect] 2005, so we redesigned their digital presence from top to bottom to ensure their brand was taking advantage of a decade's worth of technology.

Web Design Launch for Kensington Capital Advisors, located in Charlotte, NC

Unrivaled Experience

We believe that web design should be built around your brand’s most valuable asset – its content. Fortunately, we had a wealth of content to work with while redesigning the Kensington website, including their impressive selection of services. Let’s take a look at some of the key areas of the new navigation:

About Us: Kensington's About Us page provides compact and impactful information about the financial advisory firm and their expertise before listing individual biographies. For each biography, we detail how long each staff member has been as Kensington, as well as their years of experience. Each profile expands to provide a lengthy biography with convenient links to their email address and VCF card. At the bottom of the page, we tally up each individual's years of experience to showcase Kensington's combined 110 years of experience.

Services: Kensington’s experienced professionals share both insight into the financial institutions that offer hedge products and detailed understanding of how these products should be implemented to serve a clients’ risk management and reinvestment needs. Kensington provides a number of Financial Services, including Dodd-Frank Compliance, Hedge Advisory & Structuring, Derivative Education, and Expert Witness.

Sketch 3 and Revolution Slider

We recently switched from Adobe Photoshop to Sketch 3 for our digital design needs. Sketch is built for modern graphic designers and gives us power, flexibility and speed in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. "We designed the website for Kensington Capital Advisors using Sketch 3," said Darrell Moore, senior designer with The Idea People. "Sketch allows us to create complex shapes with state-of-the-art vector boolean operations and take advantage of extensive layer styles." The beautiful, high-quality design work speaks for itself.

Kensington's home page makes extensive use of Revolution Slider. Revolution Slider is a premium slider available as a WordPress plugin, jQuery plugin, and as a Concrete5 add-on. It’s gained huge popularity in the WordPress community due to it’s huge range of features and ease of use. The plugin is responsive-ready and includes multiple slider layout options to make life easier. This allows us to design multiple sliders that fulfill design requirements while also making content easily accessible and editable.

The Idea People: UX and Design Done Right

To see more of our UX and design work, visit the Kensington Capital Advisors site! Our team collaborates on every project to make sure our clients have the latest, greatest and most innovative websites possible. Whether it’s great responsive web design or developing the next big thing, The Idea People ensures your business is easy to find and hard to ignore.

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