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by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - May 03, 2019

TIP excels in web development with PHP and the Laravel framework and Python with the Django framework, just to drop some names. We also master the art of customizing WordPress backends for many of our client websites. Here is the point in this post where we introduce Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the modern website content editing platform available in the WordPress core. WordPress Gutenberg web development company TIP Digital in Charlotte, NC.


You may recall that Gutenberg was the famous German inventor and printer back in 1440 who invented movable type, aka the printing press. So the correlation for WordPress to rollout a new web editing experience called Gutenberg is "pretty cool"...in the words of one of our web developers.

First of all, as web developers, we like customizing the WordPress framework to use as one of our CMS solutions on client websites. We take the basic  WordPress framework and customize the heck out of it to exactly match the beautiful web design that our team has created with a client. Our goal is to empower the client with this amazing content and design control panel on the backside of their website. And we build amazing website backends with WordPress.

What Can Gutenberg Do For Your Website?

So what does Gutenberg mean for your website? In a nutshell, Gutenberg from WordPress gives content publishers a web editing experience that makes adding rich media and content to the website quick and easy. This is important because of the focus on content delivery and ranking scenarios on the content you distribute. So ease of uploading and managing the content is critical.

It's a Block Party

Today's modern website requires fast development and delivery of content. Gutenberg's fun "drag and drop" block system makes adding all types of rich content a snap. Our web developers are working with an e-commerce client right now and we're melding together the worlds of Gutenberg and the WooCommerce platform so our client can manage thousands of products, specs, attributes, images, descriptions and product videos on-the-fly.

These building blocks are a snap for our clients to use. Need to add a text block to a page? Click and drag it into place. Whatever type of content you need to post, Gutenberg gives you an immediate starting point with these blocks. With blocks, you can insert, rearrange, and style multimedia content with very little technical knowledge. Instead of using custom code, you can add a block and focus on your content.

Charlotte web development company TIP Digital customizes WordPress Gutenberg CMS backends.

Gutenberg's Tech Specs

Ok, time to be technical. Gutenberg was developed on Git using the WordPress REST API, Javascript and React. These technologies enable the user to easily and quickly build pages with these incredible blocks.

The layout screen is so streamlined and clean with Gutenberg, as compared to the current WordPress screen layout. If you're using a laptop or a pad device, you'll have a much better user experience than the old editor. And it works on mobile just as easy which is "way sick"...according to one of our developers.

The Javascript and REST API allow for incredible drag-and-drop image placement, page title creation, video embeds, e-commerce development and overall "BMW feel and performance"...again, words from one of our web developers.

So When Can You Hop On the Gutenberg Train?

It may be sooner than you think! With the looming WordPress 5.0 rollout, Gutenberg will be the standard web editor inside the WordPress build. We certainly can work with you and your company in redesigning your web platform and building the custom Gutenberg WordPress editor as your smart CMS and backend.

For more information on how TIP can work with you and your team on custom web development projects, please contact Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or email jay@theideapeople.com. We think you'll find "it's cool" too.

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