Using Web & Digital to Create Impact in a Client’s Life

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jun 06, 2018

Have you ever paused and thought to yourself that if you hadn't met a certain person in your life that your life would be totally different? What about going to a certain event or job or church? How would your life be different if you had not attended? What if you had zigged on something instead of zagged? They can be powerful, can't they?

Can you tie some people and events to your career and then to your clients and their situation? What have you done through your job performance and effort that caused a client's outlook or business to have an impact or difference? Do you believe they think about it in the way you may have? Chances are that they do. The professional work that you do in your digital agency or company [and ours here at TIP] creates impact in people and businesses.

Creating Purposeful Impact Through Web & Digital

So, how can we all set out each day to create purposeful impact through the web and digital work that we do each day on behalf of our clients? Through our experiences here at TIP with our clients, we have a collection of similar characteristics that we identified as common threads with each (designed on purpose!).

  1. Understanding the goals behind the goals. We define two sets of goals when we work with client Web and digital marketing empower clients and people from The Idea People agency in Charlotte, NC.businesses and decision makers. First there are the business goals. These are the ones that involve increased sales, more app downloads, increased new account openings, etc. Then there are the personal goals of the decision maker. Yes, we include them in the process. It's critical for relationship building and to really understand how our actions affect the client. So these goals include items like helping them to understand higher degrees of marketing and technology, helping them to bridge internal teams into new technology practices from the website and introducing them to new digital tools and marketing assets. These make impact in their lives.
  2. Creating websites and technology to grow careers and businesses. Usually our clients are tasked with doing more with less. And they are asking their customers to do more with outdated web tools. We  listen to their pain points from their customer's point of view, their business' point of view and their own point of view. This is one of our most impactful relationships...where we can really take an outdated website and technical process and transform it into a highly functional platform. This frees up resources and time for the business, the customers and our client. This really impacts their lives.
  3. Focus on the people and outcome. Sure we design and build web and marketing products for businesses to improve their business. But the real focus is on the people who will use them. It's beyond user experience. We look at the user affect that a website or digital tool has on people. Will it empower them? Will it cause an emotional response that lasts beyond the click or session ending? Does it carry forward to an offline discussion or memory? Now we're making an impact on people's lives. It's the affect that our work has on people.

Digital marketing and web business partner and leader The Idea People agency in Charlotte, NC.

So what memories can you recall where your work made a memorable impact on a client's life? We'll give you these two big challenges for the future of web and digital work that you undertake to help you make a difference:

Challenge #1: Make your web work and digital marketing personal. Think about the people and their customers you're working for. Include them in your work. Don't be a plastic robot that exists to check tasks off a list.

Challenge #2: Don't work at the bare minimum model. You'll never create anything that will impact people's lives working from the position of bare minimum. Generic work creates generic results. Add in any other cliche you want because they're all true. Dive in. Sweat. Research. Collaborate. Stay 10 minutes late. Work for your client. Give a damn. It pays off for you, your company and your client. Plus you'll actually produce work that has a positive impact on people's lives. And it has a direct reflection on your professional reputation. It will follow you.

BONUS - Without a doubt, you always receive more when you help somebody else [even a company or brand] get what they want or need.

The business economy is thriving and competition for every market is at a fever pitch. The web has leveled every playing field and muddied all waters. The need to stand out and apart is mission critical. Innovation, creativity, technology comparisons to Amazon and lightning speed access to customer data is the demand. Impact. Impact. Impact. Plus make it personal. It's no time for beginners or amateurs.

We can help your company design, develop and deliver web and marketing products with purposeful impact. We have 24+ years of experience across every platform. Please contact me at or call 704-398-4437.

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