Web Predictions for 2017

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Mar 24, 2017

By Jay Joyce

As you all are already familiar, the WWW is a never ending, shape-shifting kaleidoscope transitioning from one concept to another in a moment's notice. The only true way to keep up with the landscape is to think months in advance. The more accurate your predictions, the better your advantage.

In an attempt to pay it forward, I’ve decided to share my 2017 predictions with you. Read on to look into my crystal ball and analyze for yourself my analysis of the industry’s trajectory, for better or for worse.

Unfortunately, I am not including my strategy to navigate this somewhat volatile landscape.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…What Trends Will Dominate Internet Overall

  1. With cloud computing reaching an all time high and databases of enormous magnitude becoming the norm, the Internet is beginning to dominate the world we live in. Our cars now receive software updates increasing their speed and efficiency, our TV’s are now ‘Smart’ (aka they use the Web), and our everyday items are now being controlled by our phones.A web prediction for 2017 is the concept of cloud-computing becoming common place.Although this trend has somewhat already taken hold of the industry in 2016, I predict that software overall will quickly begin to shift toward an IoT mindset, incorporating JavaScript and other online based languages into even the most complicated of projects and in otherwise offline instances. After all, I already see JavaScript surpassing C++ and C#. With code being refined and compressed more each day and an already massive shift toward IoT, it only makes sense for programs to shift toward Internet-based methodology in a similar fashion as the 2007 shift from large software programs to a more widely accepted application format. The next step is a final transition into one accepted mindset, web-based platforms.
  2. With the increased adoption of mobile devices within the populations of Asia and Africa, we are going to take our first prediction one step further and predict a complete transition away from desktop versions altogether. At The Idea People, we have noticed just how well simple, user-friendly designs (aka mobile-first) meet various business objectives. As a result of the benefits of said designs, there will be a total shift away from desktop versions altogether. It may be a stretch to say Responsive Web Design will totally be a thing of the past, however, it is a safe bet to say the need will become minimal if not obsolete.
  3. JavaScript frameworks will come and pass quicker than your iPhone becomes outdated! With JavaScript dominating the programming scene (second only to SQL, a less powerful database-specific language), better and better frameworks are constantly being developed. Within a 3 year span, I have witnessed a transition from Angular.js to React.js to what looks like Vue.js or Svelte for 2017. Only the best agencies will be able to adapt them all and fluctuate their usage as their capabilities shift with the tide. As more and more complicated software begins to shift toward IoT and cloud computation, the logical solution will be a transition toward JavaScript.
  4. Progressive Web Applications will outshine native applications. Finally. With web technology quickly skyrocketing, the benefits gained from going native are slowly diminishing. Why pay the ridiculous surcharges to Apple for an application you can create via the web? I sure don’t want to dip into my profit margins. Now, I can still enjoy native only benefits:Simple URL development, discovery and installation

    • A home screen icon
    • Few device resources required
    • Fast-launching with a custom splash screen
    • Snappy sand-box execution
    • Local and cloud-based storage with synchronization
    • Offline functionality
  5. Augmented reality will cast a shadow over VR with regards to web applications. Although virtual-reality is incredibly cool and exciting, the JavaScript API required to access A web prediction for 2017 is the concept of WebVR becoming a popular marketing channels for business to reach potential customers.these devices is too experimental. I believe leaps and bounds will be made with VR within the gaming world, WebVR just won’t quite reach a tipping point in 2017. I already loathe watching commercials as is and wouldn’t want to take the extra step of strapping a device to my face just to watch 3D advertisements I still can’t skip before 15 seconds.Further delaying this transition into WebVR will be the exciting use of augmented reality. Overlaying information on smartphone displays is a hot trend right now, such as Pokemon Go, and the application of this technology has only just begun. As companies slowly understand better ways to harness this technology (we are looking at you, travel industry) we are going to see some pretty neat concepts within the coming year.
  6. Internet Explorer will disappear. Okay, this is more of a prayer than a certainty, but with the release of Edge and the significant adoption of Chrome, I anticipate, nay hope, the age old browser will vanish within the year, as is I’m sure every digital agency is.
  7. With the rising awareness of security vulnerabilities and overall lack of privacy, I anticipate encryption technology will become as commonplace as a smartphone. Once reserved for James Bond and the Fortune 500, encryption will become the norm protecting everyone who uses a browser. 2-step authentication, password management tools such as LastPass, and encrypted cloud storage will all be widely used. Although some argue they have nothing to hide, showing all your cards to everyone playing the game of life is not a solid strategy. Even I was skeptical of using encryption services to store all of my passwords, however, as more and more technology required password protection, I finally gave in. Wouldn’t want someone to hack my electric toothbrush after all.

I hope you’ll take note of these predictions and begin to develop a pivotal strategy of your own. After all, 2017 is going to be one heck of a ride. Regardless of what happens, we can all rest assured knowing that with a new year, new change will surely come.

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