Why Every Company Should Be Agile

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jan 14, 2020

The most successful companies adopt an agile approach to respond quickly to market changes. Apple, Philips, AT&T and Cisco are shining agile models. These companies embrace the agile approach to improve their processes and to maintain their innovative tempo in the changing tide of technology, new customer demands and increased competition.

But will the agile approach work for a company that is nowhere near the size of those industry behemoths? Can a smaller company of 10 to 100 employees benefit from the same agile approach? First, the company needs to transform from outdated, stale practices to liberating agile processes.

Benefits of an Agile Approach

  1. Ability to respond quickly to market changes - The agile approach builds collaboration, releases new products more quickly and responds to user feedback in real time. "Our company success is directly tied to the main benefits of agile practices," says Bill McCown, COO with TIP. "We eliminated any individual or company silos, initiated agile project management, increased our product delivery times, created processes for everything we do and opened up collaboration internally and externally. The end result was increased throughput, increased capability and increased profits."
  2. Scale consistently - When a company's processes and people are united within an agile approach, roadblocks and naysayers are eliminated and replaced with productivity. "Being an agile company to us means that we can scale effectively because we have processes documented that can be applied to incoming projects," added McCown. "We truly can 'measure twice and cut once' on any client project because of our collaborative approach and documented processes. It allowed us to scale to our other markets [Nashville and Atlanta] this year and to expand our agile culture to new clients and team members."
  3. Faster speed to market - Nothing impacts a company's revenues like delivering products and services in an efficient and timely manner to needy customers. The agile company must react quickly to changing markets and technology. And the agile blueprint of iterative development [production] answers urgent market demands. The agile approach can bolster between 45-75% increased speed to market. Of course, that means happier customers and larger profits...for everybody.

Charlotte agile company consulting and software development with The Idea People.

So why wouldn't every company want to adopt an agile approach? Well, unfortunately, they can't. Outdated thinking, old routines, departmental silos, failure to adopt emerging technologies and closed minds will kill the flexibility, collaboration, process documentation and freedom-to-invent attitude of agile. This is why every company can't be like Apple or Cisco.

What agile really boils down to is the change in thinking, approach and philosophy inside a company. These are easy things to change, if people want to. And it doesn't cost untold amounts of money to redirect a company into an agile model. Agile is a smart first step to a practical and affordable digital transformation.

We can help your company adopt an agile business model through our passionate and experienced agile consultants. Or you may want to hire us to develop agile software and customer tools to respond to your changing marketplaces. Either way, please contact Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or jay@theideapeople.com.

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