WordPress Website Development: Is it Secure?

by Bill McCown - Feb 04, 2016

A commonly held misconception about WordPress is that it isn’t secure and is more easily hacked than sites with other types of content management systems. This simply isn’t true. People often ask “if WordPress is safe, why do we hear about so many problems?” This is simply because WordPress is wildly popular. In fact, it accounts for 59 percent of sites with a CMS.

Saying WordPress is more prone to security issues is like saying Fords are more prone to accidents than Daewoos. Sure, more accidents happen in Fords, but, when was the last time you saw a Daewoo on the road?

“We have a strict WordPress security checklist that we stick to,” said Clay Campbell, Technology Lead at the Idea People. “The items on our checklist achieve three things: First, they act as a wall to keep unwanted users out. Second, we set ‘tripwires’ so we know if someone has breached the wall. And third, we back up the data in a safe, off-site location, in case a hacker does gain access.”

 What’s on the Website Security Checklist?

  1. Keep WordPress up to date – The WordPress team includes security measures in each update to respond to the latest threats.
  2. Install & Maintain the Most Powerful Security Plugins AvailableThese plugins help to safeguard any “soft spots” or points of entry a hacker may try to access.
  3. Keep Plugins up to date – Creators ensure that their plugins are protected from known security threats
  4. Ensure Intrusion Detection is Running – This may allow us to prevent an unauthorized user in real-time.
  5. Provide Strong Passwords for all Users – A strong, randomly generated password with special characters and numbers is given to every existing user and all users added to the site over time.
  6. Backup Files and Data Offsite – If the worst-case scenario occurs, and the site has a security breach, you can rest assured that all of your data will not be lost.

In addition to these security measures, we always ensure we use a reputable hosting company for our sites and security certificates.

WordPress Users Trust the System

In the 2015 WordPress security survey, real users outlined their concerns. The results were extremely telling:

Users are so confident in the security; they trust their livelihood to WordPress

66 percent of wordpress users say a compromised site could affect their income

More Businesses are Trusting Their SIte to WordPress

businesses are beginning to trust their sites to WordPress

Most of These Users Place Great Importance on SecurityWordPress users are very vigilant about security

Of These Security Conscious Users, 77 Percent of Users are Confident Enough to Stick With WordPress for Multiple Sites

Wordpress users are loyal to Wordpress for a reason

“Protecting our client’s data and the data of their customers is one of our top concerns. We take it just as seriously as we take every step of the development process,” said Campbell. “We never stop monitoring and adjusting. From the first day a site goes live, to present day, our clients know that we have them covered.”

If you would like to know more about our approach to custom website development using WordPress, please contact us by calling (704) 398-4437 or e-mail us at info@theideapeople.com.

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